Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome some new DT members to TTS

We have had quite the last week with TTS.. we decided it was time to add to our paper team and asked our awesome exhisiting DT to help us by referring some great people to us.... wow did they do that !!!!! We still had over 25 people to choose from by doing it privately and only got to pick 5 of them... All of the applicants would have been a wonderful addition to TTS and it is definately not my favorite part of this job as there are so many talented and wonderful people on the web.
We did choose some great gals though and we are so excited to have them join us. They are definately a chatty bunch and keeping us all on our toes at TTS so come and join in on the laughs and excitement we are creating for you.
Here are the new gals and thanks gals for joining us at TTS.. we are thrilled to have you.

Jennifer Holowaty
Nancy Jones
La Tonya Boike
Robin Blankenship
Shannon Schafer

Our sponsors this month were so much fun and we are so grateful for them. Make sure that you go and look through the gallery at TTS and check out the products made with Piggy Tales and Nitwit Collections.. what a fun month they have given to us and we would encourage you all to support them!!!

We are looking forward to March with a "Lucky R We" theme and going to have a great time finding the end of our rainbows all month long.. Make sure you watch the newsletter and forums for details of the game.. it should be alot of fun not to mention the great prizes at the end of it!!

I would like to thank my wonderful CT teams that I am on as well.
Rina Kroes, Misty Cato, Jennifer Trippetti, Kim Johnson, Kelley McDonald, and Brenda Johnson... their products are so much fun to play with and you just Have to go and check out their stores..
you can find them here:
Rina Kroes: SBE and 3Scrapateers
Misty Cato: SBE amd SBB
Jennifer Trippetti: SBB
Kim Johnson: DSD
Kelley McDonald: DSD amd PDP
Brenda Johnson: SBE

have a great week everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

update on Trevor and Thank you everyone!!!

I wanted to share with everyone what the power of prayer can do.First of all thank you so much for all your prayers, without them I would not be able to share this and we all know that it is because of them that we are able to move forward like this.Trevor went back to the specialist yesterday afternoon and had an appointment. They did all the regular testing that they do each time to watch the progress of the kidneys etc.The Dr. Told Trevor that he was sure that the kidneys were getting worse or just stopped where they were at because once they have started to fail then they don't get better they just stay the same or continue to get worse until the transplant is completed.So, he told him that things looked okay, and that he would (first miracle) call and refer him to the hospital of his choice here in Utah to be on the transplant list!!!!! So that is a major step that was completely refused up until now.... This is great news for us and makes it so that we will have more hope of a transplant when it is needed to be done. Isn't that awesome!!!So next he was sent to the lab to have the tests done again that they have been doing each week and then another one that they are doing monthly.. (2nd miracle) the kidneys not only are doing fairly well, the numbers show that there has been small improvement.. Not enough to take him off of the transplant list but, they are functioning again at a livable rate and it isn't in the critical area for right now. The Dr's said that this is a true miracle because usually they get worse not get stable... We are definitely not out of the woods, but, the prayers are helping we are positive by helping him to have the time we need to get the transplant and financial assistance that he will need to have the surgery as well. It has made everyone's faith here completely overwhelmed.. My husband, being in the medical field himself, is still trying to scientifically make sense of it all and keeps saying this just isn't possible scientifically... Trevor and Savana are just in tears and completely overwhelmed.. Trevor is still not able to go back to a work enviroment that is physically challenging as his job has been but, he is now going to take the time to find something that he can do in an enviroment he can be in and that has insurance to help them with their needs. We still know that we need prayers and faith and need God to help us through the trials that we have ahead, we know that we are not out of the woods yet, but, we also know that God is watching and helping and listening to all the prayers that are being said on his behalf.Thank you so much everyone... I am overwhelmed with your compassion and prayers for us..