Thursday, January 24, 2008

When I need hope.. here you are...

The last couple of weeks have been a real struggle for me. I know that when things dont seem to go right I get down and feeling sorry for myself and lately for my Savana and Trevor and their little family. I have a hard time excepting God's plan when it doesnt make sense to me sometimes. Like why would a man with so much love and future be going through this horrid nightmare. Why would his two little children have to face each day with the worry of not having their daddy with them for their lifetime.. And why does my daughter have to face a fear of being without her husband after only just finding the happiness she so well deserves. So.. the last few months I have struggled up and down with a very real anger towards God for doing this to this litte family.
I know that we are blessed, it is abundant all around us. So many people have supported Trevor and Savana, and so much love has come through all of this. My heart knows that but, I must admit that sometimes I still resent the fact that God is allowing this to happen.. I know this is my own struggle, and that there are many of you that have given words of wisdom and love to help get through these days. I so appreciate all of you and all your efforts to help our family and most importantly the compassion and love that you give to people you don't even know. The blessings just from that are so wonderful and such an uplift to me.
Once again this week I have struggled, why are they going through this, why do them have to take Trevor off of the transplant list and what right does a doctor have to say to him he is not following guidelines when he is not able to control the blood pressure.. (the reason they gave for taking him off the list this week) when the hospital crew has not been able to control it themselves even using iv medication.. One dr. disagrees with another dr, one dr. contradicts another dr. All the dr's blame a different dr for the problem but the only thing that happened because of the disagreement was a loss of hope from Trevor that he will ever survive this horrid disease.
And then, I finally get my nerve up and ask God again why and cant you please give some comfort.. And then, something like the last couple of days once again humbles this stubborn soul I have. People are sharing this story all over the world, support is coming out of nowhere, friendships are being given me from people I would never have met and support and compassion once again is everywhere.
This post might not make much sense.. But, for me, I needed to write my feelings, to help me to recognize God's work.
Thank you all of you that have rekindled this effort to help Trevor again. What angels you are.. I have said since the beginning of this adventure, I am surrounded by angels.. God is definately trying to show me that each and every time my soul tries to give up...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Update on Trevor

Well.. Trevor ended up in the ICU unit this week.. He started to have Grand Mall Seizures, with Blood Pressure 244/180 at one point.
He got sent down to the IMC hospital on early Monday morning about 4:00 am after not being able to do anything here.. they started at the hospital here in town at 2:00 am
He was in ICU until yesterday and now in a regular room.. They have done major drug changes and increases to help the bp and he has to go at least 24 hours without spiking bp to be able to go home.
The transplant at this point has been put on hold, he might have to start at the bottom of the list again but, there is a difference of opinions as of today between nepherologists as to the cause of the bp spiking and so they will be meeting about this decision this week aparantely.
It has been a very trying and scarry week to say the least. He is doing well now though, thank heavens to many many prayers. We appreciate your support and love so much.
Savana is doing pretty good. I talked her into coming home at night the first two days but then nurses werent checking his blood sugars and giving him his medications on time etc and she wouldnt leave him after that. She told me that yesterday he was watching the football game and doing the happy dance (literally) because his team was winning and was wishing she had a video camera of him shaking his tushy...He is back to his spunky self and making sure that the staff knows he wants to go home so that is a good sign.
There was no permanent damage to the seizures, luck again, but for a while he did loose some balance, eye hand coordination and was a bit slow soaking in things. now he seems fine which is so unreal to me after seeing him the beginning of the week.
I will keep you posted as much as I can.

Friday, January 04, 2008


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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Beginning for TTS!!!

There are openings for Paper, Digital and Hybrid Teams...
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New Layout to share..

I did this layout the other day and it felt so good to finally be able to scrap!!!!
hope you like it!!!!
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