Saturday, May 31, 2008

New at TTS

Check it out... awesome new things at TTS this week!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Trevor is out of ICU

They moved Trevor out of ICU today and he is doing absolutely amazing. Even the dr's are saying that it couldnt be any better than it is. His levels are perfect which means that both the kidney and pancreas are working perfectly and he is already walking the halls.
He is a bit uncomfortable with the tube down his nose and throat to get the gunk out of his stomach but, he says it is ok... not a big deal.
They both did some much needed capnapping today as the ICU unit is definately not a place for much sleep and they are in great spirits.
Ryson and Rylie are going to go see him in the hospital tonight and they are all excited to see the kids. Savana says Trevor is counting minutes to see the kids.. hehe she is too for that matter.
So... everything is going amazing and they definately appreciate and feel your thoughts and prayers everyone!!!
thanks so much.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

News on Trevor

How do you say miracle??? OH my this is such an overwhelming experience.
I will just post from the beginning as so many of you are asking and it is easier to just keep it all in one place. Please post your love and wishes to them here and I will share them with Savana and Trevor at the hospital on each visit.

My dh and I decided to go for a little road trip over the weekend. We got up Sunday morning and packed the kids into the jeep and started for yellowstone for the night. Savana and Trevor weren't able to go as Trevor hasnt been feeling well enough to get out of bed much.
We kept in constant contact through text message through them all day though and things were just a normal boring day for Savana as Trevor slept. We had lots of fun going through yellowstone (even saw a grizzly bear!!!!) and headed home on Monday. Through the canyon we didnt have service for our phones but in each area we did then we kept in contact with Savana as we usually do.
Monday evening about 6:00 we were headed through a canyon and had lost service. I had texted Savana about 5:45 asking when Trevor was seeing the transplant team as he wasnt feeling well but hadnt heard back before we lost service.
When we got out of the canyon I had 2 urgent messages to call Savana. (Yes I was panicked) When I got her on the phone she said that the team had just called and there was a donor and to get to the hospital stat. They were already almost there and that was about 8:30pm.
At that point they werent sure whether the donor's organs were damaged but wanted him there in case it was good.
We got to the hospital about midnight and they were starting dialysis on Trevor to relieve the excess fluid he had, and given him so medication for helping to build up his system for the transplant and said that the organs of the donor were in perfect shape and a perfect match. They scheduled to start the surgery the next mid morning. Jeff and I went home and took care of things and was back to the hospital yesterday morning. We finally had our turn for the surgery at 6:00 pm and at 4:00 am this morning were done and I have never ever seen such a miracle.
His kidney started working instantly. The pancreas as well and levels have been perfect all the rest of today and the kidney is still working amazing. Savana joked with me this morning saying that she has never seen Trevor pee so much!!!
He is very very sore but, when we got to the ICU room expecting to see him all hooked up to a million tubes instead he was sitting up with a grin from ear to ear and both thumbs up. He said to Jeff, I MADE IT!!!! Savana started crying and Trevor started crying and they held each other crying for several minutes which of course got all of us crying.
This mornings recent update is that the pancreas is doing awesome. His levels are perfect and the kidney is functioning perfectly still.
Trevor is hurting (expected) but feels amazed that he is doing so wonderful. He will most likely be in ICU for 48 hours and then could be coming home in as few as 5 days!!! They let Savana stay with him all night and she is very emotional but so so so thrilled.
They both have asked me to tell everyone that your prayers and thoughts are being felt and heard and please continue to pray for the greiving families. There were 3 donors that gave life to 7 very needing individuals yesterday. The emotion in the waiting room is undescribeable. And I am sure that each recipient is feeling the same emotion that Trevor is feeling. Words cannot express that and until going through it there is no way to understand.
I am feeling so blessed to have been on both sides as my brother was a donor for 6 individuals and knowing that his tragedy gave life to those individuals gave us all comfort and still does. But now seeing the other side is such a humbling and gratifying experience to see.
Thanks so much for all of your support love and concern.
I will keep everyone posted and please keep continuing to pray and have thoughts for the organs to not reject.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Update Update Update...

Months are just screaming by tooo fast for me to keep up.. But, a long over due post is needed and so here I am.

The first thing that everyone always asks about it Trevor so I will update you there first.
Trevor is still hanging in there as best as possible but, honestly is body is really giving out. He had a seizure this morning when his sugar dropped and that has Savana very panicked as she is so afraid to leave him alone. His sugar is dropping in seconds without warning about 5 times a day and there is nothing that has worked in stabalizing that unfortunately. I have had to go over about 3 times a week in mornings that Savana is working and he doesnt answer the phone and found him unconscience. I still am not used to this site as it is so scarry and it is definately a hard emotion to go through but, we have been blessed to be able to get him out of them so far and feel very grateful for this. He plain and simple needs that transplant and soon!!!! Thank you everyone for your support and prayers as they are very much needed and felt.

I have been super busy this month with the paper store and starting the classes that we decided to add to it. We have been thrilled with the response and have had a lot of fun despite the long hours and repetition of classes. Make sure that you check them out at the paper store as we keep them posted there. Most are even available for shipping.

The digi store is on fire at TTS... wow do we have some amazing designers and I am just thrilled with all their hard work and dedication... I truely feel honored to know and work with them. Wendi has done such a fabulous job keeping them all updated and going and I never could do all this without her.. She RAWKS!!!!

Last but, definately not least... Happy Happy Birthday to my DD Kacee!!!!! she is 19 today and it is hard to believe that 19 years ago today a little 3 lb girl entered my life.. what a blessing it is to have her with me on the site and part of our life... Bug has just walked in the door singing to her!!!!!

Here is a copy of the ad for the week!!!!