Monday, December 18, 2006

Snow Snow Snow

Well not in my little town, but wow there has been some great snowfall this weekend in the Salt Lake area and it is so bitter cold here to me. The only time I anticipate the snow is Christmas so that we can have a white Christmas, hopefully we will get some snow this week to make that happen..hehe
We have had a great weekend again, I just love hanging out with my kids and it was fun to be able to spend time with Savana and Trevor and Rylie and Ryson this weekend as well.. We went to the Bouncing House for a family bday party and had tons of fun... I have been paying for it though as my muscles are so sore now!!! hehe well worth it though.
We finished up the rest of our Christmas shopping and this week we will be making some cards to deliver next Saturday to friends in Sanpete. We are making a special surprise delivery there for Jeff's Aunt Elaine.. she has been on his mind this week and he was inspired to send her to the Meryl Haggard Concert (she is his best fan!!) Jeff is excited to share something special for her as he feels she is almost to the end of her life and wanted to do something for her.
We also went to the Christmas light drive through on Sunday and it was so much fun, the kids sang carols and giggled and laughed the whole evening and that is just the best part of Christmas to me.
There is still the sale going on my store for the end of this week and then online store is going until the end of December... I am hoping for a few more sales and looking forward to bringing in some of the new lines that will be coming out for CHA.. hope that we will be able to do some... wish me luck!!!
Hope everyone enjoys the week before Christmas and that you have a great Holiday!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone

First let me appologize to anyone who visited my blog and saw the annonymous commentors spam.. I have now changed the settings so that this will not occur again hopefully.. What are people thinking!!!!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season and not as stressed out about it as I tend to get every year. This year I have decided not to do homemade gifts, which has helped me out but, honestly I am missing that part of the season.. I will most likely try to start earlier next year and go ahead and do it again.
We are almost done with our shopping, the little ones are finished and the older 2 here at home are just getting a few little things and then money to go shopping the day after Christmas.. We are excited for that day and always enjoy the after season shopping.. It has become a tradition over the years.
It sure is different this year without Savana here but, she is so happy and even though their lives become stressful with all the new married type things, they are doing awesome and having a great life.. it is awesome to have them so close as well.
I am having a huge sale in my store and trying to get some inventory reduced and be able to update the store with new product in January.. It has been a busy day today and the website store is doing pretty good with the sale as well. Check out the forums for details in the announcement section.
I am really enjoying my new CT's and trying to keep up during the holidays, I will be glad to get back to a normal routine after they are finished and then get back on a schedule.
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and Merry Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

updating the NEWS finally

I seem to be so behind lately and having a hard time catching up on the little things like this poor blog..
I do have some really awesome news to share and have had this whole month, so decided it is about time to get over here and spill it...

I have added to my siggie line and am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with some new teams.
They all came the same day and it flipped me out too!! I am thrilled, honored and skeared to death!!!! but, excited to have more to play with..
Here are my newest additions!!!

Sodypop Designs... a great lady, Brenda, designs such fabulous and fun kits to play with.. I love that she has such a huge variety of both boy and girl themed kits as well as everyday ones that are amazing.. She sells at SBE, make sure you check them out as the are wonderful!!!

Kim Johnson and Tamara Dantes... Kim asked Wendi and I to join her team after the ATD team sponsored TTS last month.. I had so much fun with her kits and at the chat I was honored and so excited to get to work with her more. She sells at ATD and Tamara also sells at 3 Scrapateers and Digidivas..
It has been really fun to get to know Kim more, she is such a sweet and wonderfully fun gal and I am loving playing on her team!!

Rina Kroes... wow, can I just say!!!! WOW!!!! her kits are stunning, fantastic and GORGEOUS. She is a good friend of Misty and talked with her and I was reccommended by Misty, can I just say I am sooooo honored and thrilled to be a part of her team.. Her work is so fantastic.. You can find it at SBE and 3 Scrapateers.. You won't be disappointed looking through her designs!

I will share some layouts that I have done with each of the teams this week if I have more time.. I am getting myself organized and planned out to be able to keep up with my responsibilities and having such a great time gettting to know more people and do what I love, create layouts for my family!!!
thanks for giving me the chance gals!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

November is here and along with it comes new sponsors and new contests and more news for
we are so luck to have so much going on and excited to have everyone participate on this months contests.

here is what we have in store for all of you..
Karen Foster Contest:
--Upload any NEW to the web, not posted on any other site during the month and/or previously .
--Use at least 75% of Karen Foster products.
--Enter as many times as you wish.
Entries will be accepted between November 1st and November 25th, 2006. Midnight EST.
After the contest is complete and winners have been announced in the TTS newsletter, you are welcome to share you projects elsewhere. Anyone who chooses to not follow the rules and it is brought to our attention will be disqualified.
Prizes for Karen Foster contest are as follows:
1st place: $25 gift certificate to our awesome online store
2nd place: $10 gift certificate to our awesome online store
3rd place: $5 gift certificate to our awesome online store

Pixel Expressions Contest:
--Upload any NEW to the web, not posted on any other site during the month and/or previously .
--Use at least 75% of Pixel Expressions products.
--Enter as many times as you wish.
Entries will be accepted between November 1st and November 25th, 2006. Midnight EST.
After the contest is complete and winners have been announced in the TTS newsletter, you are welcome to share you projects elsewhere. Anyone who chooses to not follow the rules and it is brought to our attention will be disqualified.
Prize for Pixel Expression will be a Gift Certificate to Pixel Expressions provided by TTS.
There will be only one winner for this contest.
Watch the forums and SIGN UP in the threads in the forums to qualify for these contest as well.. We will need your email address to contact you and user name at TTS.. This is part of the rules to both of the contests.. So don't forget to SIGN UP!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October is kicking at TTS

make sure to come and play the games going on at TTS... WOW is it a ton of fun and there is still plenty of time to enter the contests!!!!
Check the previous post for details!!!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

watch out for October!!!!

Hi everyone!! October is going to be such an exciting month for TTS.. We are having several contests that will be well worth your time as the prizes are worth some serious cash Gift Certificates to our online store.. Here are the details:

Sponsor Contest Paper: Doodlebug Designs
Doodlebug Designs has sponsored our team and site this month and the gallery will be full of amazing layouts and projects for you to look through and become inspired from. We have an amazing team and each month they overwhelm me with their creativity and this month will be no exception.
The contest will be judged by the designers of Doodlebug Designs and you will be able to enter as many times as you wish..
Rules are to use at least 75% of Doodlebug Design products on your layouts or projects. Upload them in the gallery specified for the Doodlebug October Contest and sign in under the forums category in monthly challenges...there will be a place specified just for Doodlebug Designs contest. Make sure that you complete this part of the contest or you will be disqualified. All layouts must be new to TTS and to the Web to qualify.
Your wonderful creations will be judged on the most creative way to use Doodlebug product the last week of October. Please have all submissions entered by the 25th of October midnight PST. Anything submitted after the deadline will be disqualified. The winners will be announced in the November newsletter, so make sure that you sign up for the newsletter if you havent already. Make sure you check out the online store for our monthly kits and products of Doodlebug Designs.
1st place winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to TTS online store
2nd place winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to TTS online store
3rd place winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to TTS online store

Sponsor Contest Digital: Addicted to Digital
This contest will run the same as the paper contest with the same rules and deadlines but, you will use Addicted to Digital product. They have a great variety of kits to work with and you won't be dissappointed.
1st place winner of this contest will receive a gift certificate to Addicted to Digital for $20 (provided by TTS)
Rules are to use at least 75% of Addicted to Digital products on your layouts. Upload them in the gallery specified for Addicted to Digital October Contest and sign in under the forums category in monthly challenges....there will be a place specified for Addicted to Digital contest. Make sure that you complete this part of the contest or you will be disqualified. All layouts must be new to TTS and to the Web to qualify.

Monthly Challenge "Truth or Scare" Contest
Each month our design team challenges the members of TTS with great challenges and helps you to go outside of the box each month a little more. This month we have decided to shake things up a bit and make it a competition..
So... Here is how it will work
Each day there will be challenges, trivia or chats that you can participate in to earn points. Each challenge will have a specific point specified in the details of the challenge. Do as many challenges, trivia or chats that you would like to and keep track of your points in the monthly challenge thread we will have and win win win!!! There will be a specific spot in the gallery for you to upload your challenges to help keep track of them better and it is necessary to keep track of your points in the monthly challenge thread . If you do not then you will be disqualified. The DT will be playing along with you this month as well however, you will not be competing with them for the gift certificates.. They will be competing against each other for their own gift certificates.. So help encourage and cheer each other on!!
All layouts will need to be new to TTS and the web to qualify.

1st place winner will receive a gift certificate to TTS online store for $50 and GDT for the month of November
2nd Place winner will receive a gift certificate to TTS online store for $25
3rd place winner will receive a gift certificate to TTS online store for $10

We will start off the competition in the chat room at 9:00 PM EST and a trivia starting at 9:30 PM EST... Afterwards watch the monthly challenge thread for all new challenges and events. There will also be random prizes donated by doodlebug throughout the month to entice you!!! So come and have some fun with our "Truth or Scare" Challenge Competition.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Someday I might get more than one post a month on this blog!!! It definately is a goal that I am not reaching hehehe....

So another attempt to share some news with you all that might be even looking sometimes at this dusty blog.

I have some exciting news about TTS.. the store is completely finished and we will be starting off next month to celebrate its start. The coding is finished and ready for gift certificates and ads and specials.. so beware.. I will probably be sharing more than my fair share of specials with everyone...
the first one is for those that went to SCRAPBOOK USA this past weekend.. I have decided to share it here as well with all of you.

Details Details;
use the coupon code: SCRAPBOOKUSA2006
recieve 10% off orders of a minimum of $10 for one month.. special will end October 23rd, 2006.. so hurry hurry and stock up while you can with this one.

We are going to have a few really huge contests in October at TTS.. make sure that you come and play..

1st Contest: Paper Scrappers Sponsor: Doodlebug Designs

Upload from October 1 to October 25 your layouts and altered items in the special doodlebug contest section in our gallery using at least 75% of Doodlebug design products.
Doodlebug Designers will be judging our contest and the top 3 most creative designs will be our winners...
1st place winner will recieve a TTS gift certificate of $50
2nd place winner will recieve a TTS gift certificate of $25
3d place winner will recieve a TTS gift certificate of $10

all layouts must be new designs and not uploaded to any other gallery besides TTS until the contest is completed. You are allowed to upload as many as you would like during the time allotted.

2nd Contest: Digital Scrappers Sponsor: Addicted to Digital
Upload from October 1 to October 25 your layouts using at least 75% of product found at Addicted to Digital.
DT members at TTS or ATD DT members will judge on the most creative design
The most creative layout will receive a $20 gift certificate to Addicted to Digital from the owners of TTS (Wendi Rees and Tracy Madsen)

all layouts must be new designs and not uploaded to any other gallery besides TTS until the contest is completed. you are allowed to upload as many as you would like during the time alloted.

3rd Contest: Monthly Challenges and GDT of TTS Sponsor: TTS

watch for more details coming but, this is the plan so far. you will want to participate and complete as many challenges and trivia questions etc on TTS during the month of October. you will earn points for each thing that you do and we will not only have prizes throughout the month but the top three people with the most points will win gift certificates from TTS to our store.
1st place winner will recieve: $50 gift certificate to TTS and GDT spot for the month of November
2nd place winner will recieve: $25 gift ceritificate to TTS
3rd place winner will recieve: $10 gift certificate to TTS

So... as you can see there is a good reason to be at TTS this next month.. lots of fun.. lots of love and lots and lots and lots of GOODS!!!!

thanks to our sponsors this month at TTS.. you just plain RAWK!!! and we love ya!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I am soooooo EXCITED!!!

It has been a very awesome week!!!
I tried out for a couple of CT in the digi world this week.. got the courage up finally and decided what the heck...
Well, guess what!!!
Both of them said YES!!!! Oh my was I fainting, doing somersaults, frieking out and anything else you can imagine when I got the emails...
I was completley shocked and sooooooooo excited!!! Jeff even asked me if I needed to have him bring home some "chill" pills!!!hehehe
So while I am hyperventalating, Carole emails me with a subject line of "want another ct team" open up the email and she said that one of the teams she is on would like to know if I would join them... Holy Jeepers!!!
I got on THREE teams in one day!!!
so... here are my new teams that I am so thrilled to be a part of and kinda scared to DEATH about!!!
Misty Cato
Jennifer Trippetti
Shelby Digital Designs
Can I just say!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am honored and to be truely honest Scared to Death!!!
I have done a few layouts already and you can see them in my gallery at TTS.. check them out and leave some love if you don't mind!!
As for news at TTS.. wow is all I can say.. we are so lucky to have such an awesome group there.
The challenges are awesome, the gals just plain RAWK and the gallery is the best on the web for REAL!!!
We got some great news this week as well.
Cosmo Cricket, the fab new paper company, is actually co-partnered with our "best" guy scrapping Bud Leslie, formerly of SEI.. we found out this week and Wendi and I get to go on a tour of the warehouse, pick out our product and they are going to be sponsoring TTS!!!! we are soooooo excited about this one and know it will be an awesome adventure.. So.. thanks so much Lindsay for once again having faith in the little people!!!
I just recieved the Transparencies from our wonderful DT gal Kimberly Archer and they will be showing up in the store this week.. make sure you check them out as they are the coolest things ever!!! Kim, you are just one awesome designer!!
The kits for August are up and almost sold out of a few of them.. so if you are on the fence about which one to buy make sure you hurry!!! they have really picked up this month and we are so grateful to everyone for supporting us..
We will be having a yard sale to get funds for the website on August 19th here at the house so all you local gals reading this dont miss out!!! It will be awesome and you won't find better deals anywhere!!! wish us luck on this one!!
On the family side of things,
Bug finally got his Drivers permit and we have been braving the roads teaching him to drive.. holy cow has it been interesting!!!
Joshua started football a couple of weeks ago and is loving it and Kassi started back to dance this week and is in 7th heaven!!
Kacee and Lisa are enjoying spending time together and been school shopping and almost ready for it to begin.. Bug has actually been the funniest to watch this year.. he has decided it is time to "grow-up" and his whole attire has changed.. He bought more clothes than all the rest of the kids put together.. and can I just say.. wow this kid is good-looking!!!
so... life here is as usual never quiet and always CRAZY... but then this is the life of Crazy T!!!
thanks for your support everyone..

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

finally updating!!

wowser this last month just flew by!!! I cant believe it has been a month since I finally got around to writing here..

Things are really exciting today but, I can't peep yet.. need to wait for my news!!! so check back soon!!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Exciting things happening this week at TTS

All the new challenges are starting to appear for July!!! I find it so fun to watch in amazement the gallery fill with sponsor product, the new challenges that are made by the totally talented DT we have and the fun responses to the newsletter.
Dawn has a great challenge that you can do and you get some awesome free word art just for playing.. I have printed them out on transperancy and going to do the photos that were taken on Memorial Day at the cemetary where Jeff's dad is buried. They line the whole cemetary each year with flags and it is the most awesome site to see. One also shows his Dad's most favorite site of the Horseshoe Mountain in one of the photos and the reason he wanted to be buried there were these two spectacular sites.
We are headed to see the fireworks in Logan tonight and not to sure what is going to happen the rest of the Holiday but, I am looking forward to just spending the day with family and having a great time..
I finished some cards last night for our Relief Society for the Birthdays and used the Sketch challenge that Terry gave on TTS.... It was perfect for the cards and I am excited to see that she put a new sketch up today... so don't forget to check it out...
Other challenges that have been made so far for the month at TTS are:
Susan's Challenges Challenge: Come on let's have fun and do these Challenges for the month of July.
The person who completes the MOST Challenges in the month of July will get a RAK From me! So post on this thread when you complete a CHALLENGE. At the end of the month I will see who has completed the Most CHALLENGES!
Breana's Today's Challenge: So what I mean by 'scrap today' challenge is this...
Pick a specific time one day this week for example today i'm picking 11:36am, i'm going to walk around my house take pictures of things lying around, the clock, what the girls are doing and so on. The i'm going to come print my pictures and scrap them! I love this idea (from Ali Edwards) because it scraps YOUR life now! I love that scrappin doesn't always have to be about an event or milestone, it can be about LIFE NOW! So that's my challenge for you all this month. You have until July 31, ENJOY!
Susan's Patriotic Challenge: I'm in the mood for those Patriotic Layouts. So let's see them. Let's see American Flags, Patriotic Clothing, Symbols, Fireworks, you name! These can either be Digital or Paper.
Angela's stamp challenge: Alright ladies, here's the stamping challenge for July--again, use any stamp, BUT no ink or paint allowed!!! Your creation must be stamped with something else! Try coffee, bleach, kool-aid or anything else that you can think of---just NO INK or PAINT!
Trish's Gallery challenge: Check in here with your gallery post count and the first one to add 100 to their count wins .
There are also sketches by Trish and Share up and blogger do's etc...
So much fun at TTS!!! so come and join us everyone!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Boy's First Date

So as promised picture and layout of My Bug's first date!!! So exciting!!! hehehe It was a lot of fun creating this.
I used the Bella Gypsy Kit Mudpies to create it and you can by it at ACOT so go check it out along with some other new fun ones they just released..
Don't forget as well to come and see us at

Have fun and enjoy the little things!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What a hysterical afternoon I have had!!!
My son Bug, is going on his first date... oh my.. yes he is growing up and now 16 and into the dating world... I have never laughed so hard!! I swear he has not brushed his teeth this good since the day he got teeth.. the cologne going through the house is enough to knock anyone off their rocker and oh my he has a zit on his nose!!! hahhehhehheheahahaha.... it is so small that he had to point it out 6 times before I could even see the little dot that looks like more of a freckle!!
He has been ready now for 2 hours, and the date doesnt even start for another hour!!!
He has stolen a pack of gum from my closet because he doesnt want to smell like the leatherby icecream after that part of the date!!! and done his hair at least 6 times!!! OMG ,.. the world of a boy now in the teen realm... let me tell ya.. it is great!!!
Now did I get pictures.. oh yeah!!! am I scrapping them tonight oh YEAH!!!! watch for the exciting pages on your way~!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Life of Crazy T.....

I am so excited and so thrilled to announce that our store is finally up and running!!! we are finally seeing the efforts of our work come to life!!!
I am so happy with the way it turned out and can't wait to see what everyone thinks about it...
So.... come and shop everyone!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What an Exciting 2 days!!!!

I so intended on coming her yesterday to announce out wonderful new team to you and by the time I setteled down enough to be able to post, it was 11:00 pm and I couldn't stay away any longer....
So... A day late and a dollar short the saying goes... But, Here is our wonderfuly additions to our Team!!! Thanks so much to everyone who applied,.. You truely are all amazing and talented!!

Welcome Welcome to TTS:
Christi Husk aka My2apps
Kimberly Archer aka kimberlyatlga
Jamie Gavin aka Jamie
Breana Arvin aka Breana
Gail Ptach aka mooselovingmamabear
Terry McAuliffe aka Terry Scraps
Julie McCauley aka momofgjc
Peggy Gottschua aka Peggy
Angela Ploegman aka ploogiea
Paige Eckenfels aka pagebypaige
Di Hickman aka spot on
Susan Blanton aka ScrappySueBee
Carole Hoefling aka Carole

They are already at hard work making the site new with challenges, games and contests and the site is hopping!!!! The gallery is amazing!!! And we have our bday party online crop in just a couple of weeks....

We also have an amazing Guest DT this month.. She has been a dedicated TTS member since the very beginning and we are honered to have her with us for the month!!!
Trish Drake aka JustTrish

Don't forget to come and visit us everyone.. and as always thanks for you support!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We are hours away!!!!

From the excitement to finally come to a head... I can't wait to hear the reaction of this incredible team we have chosen.. Everyone has been so supportive and wonderful and I know that we are going to be so successful with the new additions... Our team without the new ones are fantastic, wonderful, dedicated and soooooo much fun... All the new gals will love working with them and I can't wait to see what they all come up with... I can tell you this, you are in for some hysterical laughing, great challenges and awesome chats with these wonderful gals!!!

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of you that applied and tell you that you are all amazingly talented and would love to have you continue to be a part of TTS...

The store is progressing so well... Chris and Wendi are amazing partners and such great friends and they work so hard with me. The site will be getting a new face lift, and can I just say it is FANTASTIC!!!!! I love the new look and can't wait to share it. I know it will be a great hit.
We worked so hard over the weekend and I think by the end of Saturday night Wendi and I both realized how much work it is going to be to get everything uploaded.. but, so well worth it in the end and exciting as ever!!! Thanks Wendi for being such an awesome friend and the bestest in partners!!

I went to the zoo today with my little ones first grade classes.. and I am soooo glad that I am not a teacher... Hats off to those gals!!! The excitement and NOISE was incredible, but, I had a great time and got some fun pictures of Kassi and her friends. What a great group of kids they are.
Joshua was content to hang out with his friends and didn't want to join us "girls" so I didn't get as many pictures of him as I would have liked but, got a couple...

Well, I will post the exciting news in the morning for everyone to read and then also let you in on our eventful weekend to "Bear World"

Friday, May 26, 2006

wow is it a busy day...

Do you ever feel like you are running around and never getting anything done!!!!
I have really felt like this the last couple of days, but, now that I look back on them, I guess I am accomplishing things.. just things that I am not finishing are piling up.
We are doing the online store tonight and tomorrow (the uploading the pics and descriptions) and even my dh is going to help!!! should be a crazy couple of days.. wanna come and help? hehe

Looks like we finally have the team figured out of who we want to add for TTS and I am soooo excited to share the news.. Next week will definately be an exciting time. The applicants are all so darn talented and it really has been the hardest one to choose. I hope and pray that they all stick around as they will all have a chance at it sooner or later, there are way too many things that change for people in lives and we are always adding to the team.. hopefully everyone will remember that, we just couldn't fit everyone in.. There were over 30 applicants and wow all of them were awesome!!!! I am thrilled with the choices that we have made though and can't wait to have them start sharing with the site.

The numbers to TTS are awesome, the gallery had over 4 pages of submissions in just 1 day and it honestly took me over an hour to go through them all..I love it!!!!! what an inspiration the gallery is becoming... My most thrilling one today was from my foreign exchange dd Ria, she did an awesome digi layout check it out!!! and please please give her some love.. She lives in Germany and I miss her so much, it is unreal to me how fast you grow attached to a person. Ria and Minori lived with us for 9 months and they are and always will be my daughters forever more...

I spent the day on the phone with a couple of sponsors today for TTS as well and can't wait to have one of them aboard.. she is a new company called Dreamstreetpapers... they are a fun new company and I bought their whole line to carry in the store. I also added Crate paper and some more Junkitz, Ranger inks and MM to my collection for the week and can't wait to open them up and add them to the store..

I also spent a couple of hours with Provo Craft today and finally worked out the problem with my cricit machine.. I ordered it at memory trends last October and still have not recieved it. Finally, they are sending it to me after talking with one of the supervisors and venting my frustration.. They are sending it on Tuesday.. I will be excited to see what happens and have it as part of my tool collection!!!

Sunday Kacee is getting put into her new calling at church and will be the Laurels President, she has to talk in Sacrament meeting this Sunday and I can't wait to see what she says. Afterwards we are going to take off for the rest of the holiday weekend and do some much needed vacation from life. I of course, will be taking my laptop to work though.. hehehe Got to get some digi layouts done for the newsletter upload. I think we need a few more. We are going to go to Bear World and we always love it.. It will be some great photo ops too.

ONly one more week of school!!!! whhohoooo.. I can't wait to have the kids home for summer, it is so much fun to have them around and I love the warm weather and excitement summer brings. Kassi and Joshua are going to the zoo for a field trip on Tuesday and I am going with them. It will be a great photo op and can't wait to have fun with them for the day. Carole took some awesome photos of the zoo this week and shared with us at TTS... got me all excited to go~~ thanks Carole...

well, better get to work.. lots to do tonight!!

have a fun weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

pictures hopefully ..

okay gonna test this to see if it works..

Just one more day!!!

and we will have all the applicants for the dt call on TTS... wow there are some talented gals out there in the world!!!
It has been so much fun to browse through galleries, look and watch the growth of the site through these talented women and get to know each of them a bit more.
I really do struggle with this part of the job... Trying to narrow it down to what I think will help the site the most is truely a hard decision as there are so many that would do fantastic.
This is our first year anniversary coming up next month and wow.. the site has completely blown me away.. It is so much fun to be a part of something that I love so much.
We went through applicants for about 2 hours last night and sorted into piles of the ones that are for sure and those that we are still watching.. The next few days we will watch the site for activity from everyone, see how they show off their work and more importantly their desire to be here with us and then hopefully make the right decisions. I am so excited to have a full team again and be able to really enjoy all the challenges and events coming up.
June will be the big BIRTHDAY party with a online crop, tons of challenges, an unreal amount of prizes and give aways, chats and more. And of course the debut of our online store!!!!
The online store is really close, we downloaded the data to the store front last night and now are starting to take pictures and add descriptions and catagorize all the product. This will take a couple of weeks I think, and then wala!!! I can't wait!!!!
My store here at home is really kicking off too... I had my first month not in the red, since I opened this month!!! I am so proud. After 6 years, finally a profit.. not much of one but, not in the red!!!! whhohooooo!! Starting a business from scratch is such a gamble but, I really do enjoy it and am having hope that it will take off now.
Kids are almost done with school!!! I can't wait to have them home for the summer... It is so much fun to have them around, most of the time,, hehehe.. Next week on Tuesday the littlest ones are going to the zoo for field trip and I am going to go with them.. they just don't stay little very long and I really need to grasp the opportunities when they come up.. I am learning that now that my oldest is married and a mommy of her own.
Well, enough rambling, bragging and what nots, I have a class at the senior center in an hour and want to get more work done on the store front... so chat agan tomorrow!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Figuring out a few things... but....

okay figured out how to edit my profile, put an avatar on etc... but, how do you put the links to your sites you visit, slide shows of your layouts and music videos etc....
thanks in advance to all those helping...

I am in need of serious help!!!

Okay been searching this here blog of mine now for over an hour and can not for the life of me figure out how to add, change or anything else.... I am watching all of the blogs on TTS and so so so jealous.. someone help me out here!!!!
where do I go to change the template, add the cool pictures, design etc!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

wow what a week!!!

It has been a whirlwind this week...
CKU came by and went and I had a ton of fun seeing some old friends, meeting new ones and scrap scrap scrapping!!!!
I was able to get caught up on all of next months uploads for TTS and also just have some fun with some of the sponsor products.
SEI and Junkitz is sponsoring TTS for our June Bday month and I love both of their products. Made some fun layouts using them and can't wait to see what the DT will do with their products as well. I am so lucky to have such a great team, they are all soooooo talented and such an inspiration.
It is getting harder and harder to narrow down the few new DT members we will be adding, I am really going to have a hard time just choosing the few we need as everyone is so talented and there are some great new gals getting involved on the site. But, as we have seen it is an ongoing position and always need more to help us out, so hopefully those not chosen this time will stick with the site and try out again when we need another group or even one or two.
I am excited to get the store online and we are almost there!!! whoohooooo!!!! I can't wait to have that part of the site going, it is so exciting!
Kacee's 17th bday was on Friday and we went to see the DaVince Code for her bday.. It was a good show.. I really enjoyed it and thought they did a good job with the casting from the book. Loved that they followed the book so closely to and really makes me ask questions and do research so that is a good thing for me in a religous aspect of my life as well.
We are having a BBQ today and Savana and Trevor and the kiddos are coming, it will be so much fun, I really love it when they come to play!!
well, off to get ready for more fun on TTS and go through the gallery.. you really should check it out as there are some amazing things to see there!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006


We have a HUGE Surprise Read On!!!!!
Well another month has come and gone and wow have we had some fun here at TTS… It is so amazing to me to see all the talent and fun that everyone here has to share with us. We as a design team are wowed each and every day!!! More challenges and fun will be available again this month to help you keep motivated and hopefully inspire you a bit to get some scrapping done.. Did you know that you can try out to be a Guest Design Team Member at TTS… Check out the forums and let’s see what you all are made of, we can’t wait to add you to our team for the month.
We here at TTS have been really busy trying to make this site the best place on the web and are so excited to announce that we are adding to our DESIGN TEAM. If you are interested in joining our team send us at least 3 layouts sharing your work along with your TTS user name and “real” name. Send your layouts to We will then send you out a questionnaire and the requirements our design team needs and you can wait in anticipation while we do the grueling work of choosing out of the many talented gals that send us their application. We will be adding to both our digital team and paper teams. If you are interested in both teams please send the required amount in both paper and digital and specify that you are interested in joining both sides. If it is just digital that interests you or just paper you are interested in then please specify that as well.
We will take all applications until the 25th of May midnight MST. The new members of our team will be announced in the June newsletter!! Thanks and can’t wait to have you join our team!!! Watch for all the excitement building to our big birthday celebration in June this next month. We will hopefully entice you with more challenges, games and fun again this month.. We want to thank you for your dedication to the site and hope that new members will join in on the fun as well.
check out the website at

Thursday, April 20, 2006


big changes are happening on the website now..we are getting ready for the store to go online, we will be having our big huge birthday party in June and there will be a big surprise in the newsletter for everyone in May.
I am excited for all the changes and excitement that will be happening. I am hopeing that we will have continued success and keep growing and growing. I am thrilled with all the dt members that I have, they are awesome and work so hard and because of them the site is a successful site. Thanks girls if you are reading this!
As for personal life...
Joshua started soccer yesterday and Kassi decided she wants to play as well.. I got suckered into coaching.. don't know how but , my brothers are all helping me out and we had our first game with alot of fun.. it was great to be surrounded by my brothers and see their support.
Joshua had a ton of fun and Kassi had to go to a dance practice and was a bit disappointed that she couldn't play but, she loves her dance and will be ready next week to play for sure!
Kacee is doing much better in school and really working on her attitude.. I am so proud of her..
Bug, is just so busy, he is always doing something to help others and make his talent grow!! He was asked to play at a district meeting for a women's civic league and that is a great thing for him to do..
Savana is doing really great in her new role as a mom and wife. I am so proud of her and all that she does. It is overwhelming at times for her but, she is doing such a great job and it is a hard job to do!!
I am truely blessed...

Friday, April 14, 2006

feeling a bit ..... hmmm dont know...

Some days I just think I have a hard time understanding my own feelings.. like maybe I just don't get why others make things harder than they are...
I really think that I try to be a kind person, help people out and maybe it is just that I try to hard or expect more than what is realistic...
Maybe it is just me having a "don't know how I should feel day"
sigh... oh well... move on, realize what I do have and who I really need in my life and move on.. right!!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Tammy tagged me...

5 snacks I enjoy:
a. sweedish fish mmmm love them
b. cadbury eggs
c. pepsi
d. pretzels
e. m & m's

5songs to which I know all the lyrics:
a. I am a child of God
b. How Great thou Art
c. This Kiss.. Faith Hill
d. Who are you ... the Who
e. Open Arms... Journey

5things I would do if I were a multi-millionaire:
a. pay off my house
b. travel travel travel
c. send money to Kassi and Joshua's orphanages
d. host an amazing Scrapbook convention free!
e. buy me a "Bug"

5 bad habits:
a. spending too much money
b. sleeping in
c. procrastinating
d. yelling
e. not keeping up on laundry

5 things I like doing:
a. traveling
b. scrapping
c. shopping
d. hanging out with my family
e. playing on the computer

5things I would never wear, buy or get new again:
a. high heels.. hate em!!!
b. fishnet nylons!!! hehehe
c. tube tops.. never ever ever!!!
d. snakes.. Jeff and I had them when we first got married.. glad we don't anymore..
e. no name laundry soap.. just doesnt do the job!!

5 favorite toys:
a. my laptop
b. my store
c. TTS!
d. my camera
e. my cell phone

5 people you will tag:

a. Joni
b. JustTrish
c. Lori
d. Dawn McD
e. Rachel

Monday, March 27, 2006


Another busy day.. trying to get things caught up.. sometimes life is too busy!!!
The dog seems to be doing pretty good today.. we only had one accident!!! whhoooooohooooo... hoping to keep up the good routine.
I have been printing off pictures the last hour to get some of my kits put together and reliving the wedding as that is what I am printing.. what a great day it was.. the pictures are so much fun to look at and I will enjoy doing this book. I have done mostly digi ones of her bridals but, look forward to some paper scrapping of them as well.
The ones of Jeff and Savana are priceless and bring tears to my eyes. She looks so grown up!!
I was a bit disappointed that there werent any pictures of her and I together and not sure how that happened as both of us thought that some were taken. I know that there were some of her and Adele taken as well and there isn't any of them alone together either. She was a bit disappointed with that as well. There are some really good ones of her with both Adele and Dad though and they will be nice.
Nick comes home in two weeks.. I can't believe he has been gone for 2 years already.. so much has changed and how great it will be to see him again. I know that he has done a fantastic job with his mission and that lives were changed because of him including his own. What a blessing he is to our family!!!



Sunday, March 26, 2006


We had a really fun day today, we went to the mall and I got a new leather jacket and hung out there for a bit with the kids and then went to the pet store.. Kacee bought her a new little cockatiel and Bug bought him a camileion (I know I spelled that wrong!!)
On the way home we stopped and looked at new golden retriever puppies and ended up getting one of those as well.. so now we went from owning no animals to owning a zoo again!!!
The kids are loving life and I am hoping to make sure the dog stays potty trained!!! He is paper trained now so, probably should be easier.
I did a layout digi with Bella's new Easter kit on the way there and will post it at the websites tomorrow. I am still further behind than I would like to be with that but, worse on getting things for the store done, so will be working this week more on paper scrapping for the upload on Friday. 7-Gypsies sponsored the website and their stuff is so much fun to play with ...I am really enjoying it.
I have to mail off cj's tomorrow as well and finish the store upc codes for the websites online store.. So it will be another busy week!!
The kids are getting ready to play monopoly so I am going to go be entertained by them... lol

Saturday, March 25, 2006


just checking to see if I am doing this right.. before I head to bed...
I am going to try this again... can't believe I lost my info and couldn't get it to work again so here goes a different one.

My oldest is now married.. so wierd to have a dd that is married. She is having the time of her life and really enjoying being a mom to his kids and loves being married. I am so happy for her.

My other kids are so busy.. wow will life ever slow down.. I am not to sure!! Bug was able to do a drama competition and took first in region.. he now will compete state level and is very excited. He started his piano again this week and it is so good to hear the music throughout the house. The seminary asked him to play for them during a meeting they are having and he worked on it today too.. so fun to hear.

Kacee is soo busy with work... she has really had way too many hours this last couple of weeks for a teen going to school.. I hope now that prom and dances are over that she will be able to go back to a normal schedule.

Soccer starts soon for Josh and Kassi and they are both excited especially since our family is going to be the coaches!! Not sure how that will go but, last year it was good so hopefully it will be fun again.

Summer is almost here!!!! Yah!! I am so looking forward to the warmer weather and time with the kids again.. We have a trip planned for Vegas already and that will be tons of fun for them. We are hoping to do more camping this year too. I am hoping to really have some good quality time with them this year.

The store is getting close to being ready to go online and this week has been so busy putting all the data into the system for it. I am excited to get it online though and hopefully it will go well. I did all the page kits for April today and they will be getting into the website newsletter the next couple of days.. I still need to put mine together but, the information is done and the actual kits are ready to go, just need my examples of the three I am doing this month.. time has gotten away from us this week and we seem to be scrambling again to get it all ready in time..

Looking forward to the first of the month and another online crop with the site.. wow it will be so much fun this time as I wasnt able to participate too much last time around.
I hope that everyone will enjoy it. The site is a blast and even though it is so much work I am really loving to get to know so many great people.

I had to resign from the jungle, as I just couldnt keep up and it was a hard decision and I will miss it terribly but, it is for the best and I will enjoy being just a member there again. I need to get some more of the bella gypsy kits put together now that the new easter line is out.. it is so much fun and cant wait to work with it.. hopefully this week I can have some time to do some more digi scrapping as well.

well so much for just a short note.. hope to be able to keep this one up this time around.
crazy T