Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week one almost done!!!

WOW!!!! how do you say overload.. we have learned so much this week I feel absolutely overwhelmed. I know that it will get easier as I do more hands on and having a blast learning everything.

So far I have done a ton of manicures and today passed them off so that I will be doing them on clients.. so if you are in the area and want a manicure call and schedule with me!!! hehe

I have done my first shampoo and style on a client.. scared me to death but, it turned out cute and was way fun to do.

My doll head has been officially renamed from Debra to Brun Hilda (go me, hehe) and she has undergone the torture of my hands already.. she has had pin curls, finger waves, her first style.. oh my don't ask!!! shampoo and today was set in my first roller curl. I keep forgetting to charge my camera and take it with me but have it on the list tomorrow and a girl there has been taking a few pictures that hopefully I can get copies of as well.. I can't wait to scrap it all!!!!!!

Everyone there is so friendly and helpful and the instructors are all so patient and willing to go step by step with this unexperienced GRANDMA!!! I am really having fun getting to know everyone and really looking forward to the weekend to let it all soak in and relax.

My biggest issue is missing the kids and Jeff.. I have never not been here when they are here and doing things and think about them all day. Kassi has been so sweet to get up every morning and wish me good luck and even drew me a picture to take the first day. Jeff sent me flowers to the school first day and made everyone super jealous and came and brought the kids and took us out to lunch yesterday ... It was yummy, we had Thai food. Savana keeps me informed on her through calls each day and comes in to see me whenever she is in Logan and that is awesome. I miss Kacee.. she is the one that I don't get to see hardly at all as she works swing shift and is gone when I get home and still sleeping when I leave. She texts me though all day and gave me the sad news that she has to work again this weekend so I don't get to see her then either.. But, it is only a short time.

Kassi is doing so good with her surgery now over, she only took pain meds on the first day of surgery and now is running around like nothing happened. I am so happy, as she has found a playmate that is so good for her and social needs. Her name is Ireland and they have become playmates almost every day!

Bug is a lifesaver, he has taken over all the chores, laundry and running little kids around. It is so great having him here as I know they are doing well.. He even cooks dinner every night~~

Josh is bored with summer already, but, he loves having Bug home and is spending some good quality time with him. He registers for football this weekend and has been doing some weight training with Bug a little each week (they are trying to get 6 packs!!)

Jeff is still working 12 hour days M-F and 10 hours on Saturday every day. He did get a day off this week, thank heavens. I so hope they get another pharmacist in soon as he can't keep up this many hours each week for too much longer..

Okay that is the catch up so far, whohooooo.. thanks for stopping and supporting me everyone!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First week of School

I just finished my second day of school.. I have only burned my thumb a little bit, honest!!!! I learned how to use those funky curling irons today and do my first hairstyle and manicure.. Everyone is super nice and it seems like a really fun place to be and learn.

Jeff sent me flowers on my first day to the school and everyone was way jealous and can't wait to meet him.. He is coming to have lunch with me tomorrow.. whohoooohoooo..

Savana got her 3D ultrasound yesterday too and came to the school to show me pictures of our little T.J. Yup he is all boy and I am soooo excited to have this experience. Daddy (Trevor) went straight to cabella's and bought him a camoflauge onesie and p.j.s and of course a bottle and binky to match.. hehe..
I found some cute little converse shoes with puppy dogs on them too.. oh my the kid is going to be spoiled!!!!
Welcome to the family Travis Earl John. We love you so much all ready..

Thursday, June 04, 2009

School, It's My Turn!!!!!

So it is official.. I am headed back to school!!!!! I was going to start in September but, today I was contacted and asked to start on June 15th with one other gal. I will be getting more one on one attention with this starting date and soooo excited, nervous, and anxious!!!

I will be going to Cosmetology school and the kids will be taking over the store while I am going. I will continue to have it online as well and with a few adjustments in times open to walk in customers not much will change in that area.

I am excited and so lucky to have a supportive group of family and friends with me. Finally it is my turn~~~ whohohoooooo!!!!!!