Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HE IS ON THE LIST!!!!!!!!!


He had to have surgery today to remove the cathetar from the parateneal(bad spelling sorrry) dialysis.. the one that is done at home.. This dialysis wasnt working so they started him on the hemo-dyalisis this last month.. now the old cathetar was causing problems.. actually got wrapped around he intestines and so they did surgery today to remove it.. He is doing ok.. had alot of pain an had trouble with his blood pressure but doing better...

Well good news is while in the hospital they actually got word that he made it on the list!!~!!!!!!!!!

I was so excited I freaked out... It is such an answer to so many many people's prayers.. thank you everyone who joined in...

Now they will start the matching process tomorrow and hopefully it wont be too long of a wait. Since he needs both a pancreas and a kidney, is in good health other than this.. and is so young, and a great blood type.. he is definately in good standing for all the necessities... The dr's cant say how long but, he is on 24 hour call and notice..

We ask everyone to please continue to pray that a donor will come soon and that Trevor can keep hanging in there until it is ready....

We love you Savana and Trevor!!!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Kit is out FINALLY!~!

Whohohoo you can now get the kit for Trevor and Savana and it is so beautiful... There have been so many people working so hard for this and so much has happened this last month that I think those involved are going to just sleep for a month while you all enjoy the great kit.
Great news for Trevor is that his job was willing to work with him and transferred him to a shift that was perfect for him to be able to do his new dialysis and therefor be able to keep the huge need of his Insurance.. We are so thrilled with this as it is so important to have that 2nd insurance.. WE hope that by the end of December he will be able to be on the list.
That is great news for everyone...
Make sure that you visit TTS and look at the awesome work the girls have done with layouts for Savana and Trevor.. the are amazing!!!!!

Thanks so much everyone!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Amazing people in our world!!!!

After Kacee posted the requests for cards the next few days were a whirlwind... First Laura Burger posted it at DST and then Junianas decided to start a collab kit in efforts to raise money for Savana and Trevor.. I am absolutely amazed at all that is happening.. There is a huge team of people from Designers to CT to coordinators all pulling together to make the most amazing kit I have ever seen in my whole life!!!! Wait till you see this creation..It will be sold at TTS and a few other stores that I will share once it is available.. The details are all being finished now.
This kit is over 2GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are over 200 papers and at least that many elements so far! We are having to find somewhere to host the kit just so that we can get it to all of you.. The designers are all top notch and you will not be disappointed.. This is so amazing!!!
My heart is just so full.. People have sent cards, donated time and money and we are so amazed that a little quest for cards has brought such an overwhelming love and compassion to our family.
A big thank you from all our family!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Cards for Encouragement Needed...

My son in law, Trevor, is back in the hospital for the 3rd time this month.. If you dont know their story let me share a little with you..

Trevor and Savana (my oldest dd) met a couple of years ago and fell in love almost literally on their first date. They were married 6 months later and are so very happy.. Trevor has 2 adorable kiddos, that are actually very close in age with my youngest two adopted kiddos and they are the best of friends.

Trevor has diabetes.. he has had this horrid disease since he was just a young child and has been insulin dependent for over 20 years. However, he was doing great until January this year.. 9 months after they were married.. He started to get sick, have seizures and his blood sugars started to be uncontrollable.. This is when he started to go to the doctors and we found out that his kidneys and pancreas were starting to fail. The first things that all the drs pushed for him to do was to prepare for the transplant list. The things required to be able to be on the list took up until October to finish.. They finally finished the last thing needed and were told that they are now denied for the transplant due to not having a secondary insurance.

Now, Trevor has gone through several surgeries, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prepatory treatments for the transplant and now is on complete dialysis. He has been doing dialysis at home now for the last couple of months. This past week he started to see yellow and was taken to the hospital yet again. They did surgery this morning to put the cathetar into his chest for hemo dialysis, which he will have to go to the hospital 3-4 times a week to do. This, is a hard blow, he will now have to quit the job that he has been literally killing himself to do because they needed the secondary insurance. He had to make it until Dec 9th to qualify for the insurance at this job.

We have gone to every resource that is possible to get help.. nothing is working... When they finally got onto medicaid they lost it as the medicaid team told them to apply for medicare.. as soon as they were accepted on medicare they were taken off of medicaid immediately.. this was about 5 months ago.

Right now Trevor is extremely sick, they think other organs are now starting to shut down. He is extremely discouraged and starting to give up. Savana is beside herself with grief.. Mind you she is only 22 years old, while all of her friends are getting married and starting their families, she is trying to keep her husband alive and positive and fighting for life..

Kacee my second DD, Savana's sister has started a Quest for encouragement cards for both of them.. If you would like to send a card of encouragement we would love to share them with them.
You can send the cards to:
Trevor and Savana John,
11080 North 5600 West
Tremonton, Utah
or digitally and I will print them off and take them to the hospital at

thank you everyone for helping us to keep him fighting for life!!!!
Here are a couple of layouts I did for them so you can have a face with the cause:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Winners of Week #1 are announced!!!!!

Go and check out the awesome winners of the first weeks challenge at TTS...
whohohooooo wtg gals!!!!


Have you joined in yet.. It isnt too late.. Here is Challenge #2:

Go and check out the awesome winners of the first weeks challenge at TTS...
whohohooooo wtg gals!!!!

Find the Details at TTS here:
Treasure QUEST

And of Course Check out the awesome Sponsors this week found here:
Sponsors of Week #1

Friday, November 09, 2007

Have you seen this awesome deal?!?!?!

Fotosusu is having a weekend give away for her new Christmas Kit comming out that is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!
Dont miss out..
Here are the details:

Everybody who spends over 10 Dollar at the Digital Store here
this weekend will be entered into a drawing for my Christmas kit free.

My son Toni will draw the winner on monday.
The winner will get the full collection (be sure ... it is great) for free !!!!!!!

Is this a deal ???
Check it out here at TTS:

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Winner Winner Winner!!!!!!

And the winner of the drawing is:


Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and Cindi I am emailing you..

Dont forget everyone to hop over to TTS as we are starting the awesome contest!!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall Blogging Carnival Fun!!!

Im participating in the FALL BLOG give away carnival. ALl you do is comment on my blog this week and that enters you for a chance to win. A Surprize package from the paper store at Treasures to Scrap. THe drawing will be held here on my blog NOVEMBER 4th so the more days you comment the more chances you ahve to win. ITS ThAT EASY. YOu can click on the the logo at the top for other fun give aways as well. ENter them all or a few LOTS of fun stuff to be given away!!

Also, while your at it, we have a great contest starting on Monday at Treasurestoscrap There will be lots of great prizes both digital and paper so make sure you come and play... The grand prize for the end of the contest is $100 package of Scrapbook supplies!!!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


ugh... she knew how behind I am in updating this poor blog.. so I am supposed to give you 7 random facts that are unusual about me .. then tag 7 people.. sooooo... since about that is how many people look at this actual blog.. consider yourself tagged!!!!! And leave me some love that you were here too...

1. I would rather go shopping with my dh than any friend.. yup... clothes too!!!

2. I am secretly (ok.. not really a secret) in LOVE with Sean Connery!!!

3. I have 2 grandkids and one of them is older than my youngest 2!!!!

4. I like to wear Victoria Pink collection clothes!!!

5. I would love love love to go on a Scrapbook Cruise

6. I have a pet peeve about hotel showers.. the curtains drive me insane!!!

7. I hated and I mean HATED highschool!!!!

now for some good stuff.. wanna see some fun layouts I have been working on this month...

This one is using Laura Burgers kits... Just love her work.. go and check out my gallery here at TTS to see full credits..

I have the amazing opportunity to be a Guest Hawt Mama for Traci Reed and I am loving it.. This is one of her awesome kits..
check out my gallery at TTS to see full credits..

This one is long over due.. Last Years Jr. Prom for Bug.. I really love how it turned out.. Also a kit by Traci Reed.. Check out my gallery for full credits at TTS.

Junianas made a kit just for me!!!! I so love this kit and also used some from Traci Reed called Vibrant that matches perfectly together.. Junianas' kit is called Tracys Wish and is available at TTS and she even has a freebie add on to match it!! Special thanks to you Steffi!

Now make sure to check out my gallery here at TTS

And of course the BEST digi store on the web!!!! TTS DIGI STORE

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Paper Store Closeout Sale

Remember this is only for the PAPER store and you can not use any other Gift Certificates of coupons with the sale...

Dont miss the crop this weekend!

We are going to have a fantastic crop this weekend with lots of fun and prizes at Treasures to Scrap... make sure you come and join!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

TTS Sept Treasure Chest

Have you seen this amazing kit.. Our First Treasure Chest full of so much product you wont know where to start and it seems as it never ends as there is so many things to choose from,
This month at TTS we are supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness Cause and proceeds from this kit will go towards it as well.
All for just $6.49

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Poor Neglected Blog

Yes, this poor thing has been sorely neglected the last month.. so sorry for all of that...
So.... How about I try to make up for it with a sale at our Paper Store at TTS

30% off all product except for Sept and BCA TTS kits until 9/30/2007

Use the Coupon Code: Tracysbirthday

Now if you buy $25 or more then give yourself 40% off with the coupon code: whatasteal

Yup... it was my birthday yesterday so lets celebrate all month long with a fun sale too....

Have fun eveyrone and see you at TTS!!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007


TTS DIGI STORE IS OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A big thanks to everyone involved in the process... especially all of our families that had no mom's for the last month while we worked!!!

Make sure you go and check out the Huge Sale this week for 30% off the whole store and some awesome Hidden Treasures for $1.99...

We have a great Kit Kraze contest to help with the opening as well and look forward to having you all come and see us...

Please remember we are human and though we have checked everything over and over there might be things we have overlooked and we will get any issues fixed as soon as it is humanly possible for us to do.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It is Finally Here!!!!!!

WE are so excited at TTS right now.. Check out what we are doing!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wanna Join an AWESOME TEAM???

The time has arrived and we need to add a few gals to help us get this great new Digi Store rolling... sooooooo....

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back from Vacation and on a Whirlwind

We finally got home from our trip to Vegas and had a blast!!!! It was a great time to spend with my family and we all got some much needed R and R.. I digi scrapped on the way home and got a few layouts done but, that is all I did for this part of me so was a bit behind when we got home.
A few of us ended up being sick while we were there and Kassi really got sick and ended up having mono again.. poor thing. She is on the recovery now though and is doing much better. They are going to most likely take out her tonsils and we are headed to the dr to talk to him about that next week.
Joshua ended up with an ear infection and I am pretty sure it is due to all the water he was in all week.. I swear that kid would love to live in the pool if he could!!!
Trevor started dialysis yesterday and is already feeling some improvement in his body from just the 2 days worth and we are hoping that the transplant will now move fast to us so that he can get back to a semi normal life. They are sure learning alot of life lessons!!!

As for TTS news.. as always we are busier than ever and so excited to announce that we are finally ready to open the Digi Store!!! We have some fantastic designers already lined up and I am so thrilled to be working with each and everyone of them. What talent we will be sharing with everyone through them!!! I just cant wait.
We have been working like crazy on the store and getting it all ready and we will open on the 6th of August with a big celebration for all.. Don't miss out!!!
now to share a few of my favorite layouts this week...

Monday, June 25, 2007

And we have another Winner!!!!

WE had so much fun this weekend at TTS.. there were awesome make and takes, fun games and lots of challenges and people winning prizes everywhere... I even issued a challenge here on my blog and the winner of that one is:
Trish!!!!!! congrats gal... I will be sending you out a prize with your other winnings.

WE also have had a great sale going this weekend for the store.. It will end tonight at midnight EST so dont forget to come shopping!!!
40% off all orders over $10
use the coupon code of : HAPPYBIRTHDAYTTS at checkout...

Don't forget to come and see all the new things happening today as well!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Did you Know

It is TTS' Birthday Crop this weekend!!!!!!! whohooooooooo!!!!!
Make sure that you come and check out all the fun, chats, challenges and PRIZES gallore!!!!! You wont be disappointed, there is something there for everyone and did I say there are tons and tons of PRIZES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you leave a comment here on my blog you will be entered into a drawing for a prize!!!!!! ehhehehhhe I am giving them out left and right!!!!
The prize will be drawn at the end of the crop on Sunday Evening... Good luck and have fun!!!!

Did You Know

It is TTS' Birthday Crop this weekend!!!!!!! whohooooooooo!!!!!
Make sure that you come and check out all the fun, chats, challenges and PRIZES gallore!!!!! You wont be disappointed, there is something there for everyone and did I say there are tons and tons of PRIZES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you leave a comment here on my blog you will be entered into a drawing for a prize!!!!!! ehhehehhhe I am giving them out left and right!!!!
The prize will be drawn at the end of the crop on Sunday Evening... Good luck and have fun!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

CT call you should check out!!!

A couple of great designers that I have had the opportunity to work with are having a ct call.. check it out, their designs are fabulous and they are so sweet!!!
You can find their products at DigiScrapShak.com and their names are Fotosusu and Juniana.

TTS blog challenge

So the challenge today is about your first job!!!!
My first job was being a lifeguard and swim instructor at the local pool... I anxiously waited for the opening of the new pool and was so excited and first in line to jump in on the excitement.. it was so awesome.. The pool actually became my sanctuary during highschool and a place to get away from the real world. I dont know where I would have been without that place!!!
Soooooo... what is your job gals..

Monday, June 18, 2007

personality test for Blog challenge at TTS

You Are Animal

A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.
You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.
But you sure can beat a good drum.
"Kill! Kill!"

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

update finally!!!!

Seems the last week has been a whirlwind.. so not been able to get to the blog as needed but, I am here now.....

Sizzlin Hawt GDT competition has begun... oh my you do not want to miss this one.. go and check out all the fun and show us your SIZZLE!!!!

A new set of challenges and a new way to do them is also on the agenda this month and so far it all looks great and seems to be awesome... so go and challenge!!!
I am finally starting to catch up on some layouts and now have lots more to share in my gallery...

The site is really rawking .. there are so many new features added that it is great fun and I just got a sneak peak at the new pm system... oh my is it awesome.. I have never seen such a wonderful system and this is going to be such a terrific addition to TTS..

Todays Blog challenge was to blog about something you have only done once...
I am having a hard time thinking of stuff sooooo... one I did come up with is:
doing my dream business of owning a scrapbook store and website..
Here is a couple of layouts to share today as well...

Thursday, May 31, 2007




My baby is graduating in about an hour.. what the heck.. where did the time go.. holy cow.. she was just a 3 pound miracle yesterday wasnt she... now look at her..

I think it is time for me to have a nervous breakdown now!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

What a week!!

Well... this week has been crazy crazy of course as usual...
Lots of Dr appt. Dentist appt. and last of the school year activities have kept me busy.
The online store at TTS has been a major priority for me as well and I have been using a task force to help me get it all organized and more user friendly.. My goal is to have it completed by next weekend. Wish us luck!!! Special thanks to all the gals helping out as well...

TTS has come through some major updates and we have some great new additions and helpful for everyone.. We are excited about all the new things and hope that you will all enjoy them.. It has been alot of work for Chris and he has definately proven how great his skills are as a web designer. Thanks so much for your work Chris!!!!

We are winding down the month of HS reunion at TTS and going to start some new things in June. I am excited to see the new things that we will have to share with you and hope that you will like the new things as well..
A special thanks to our Sponsors this month at TTS.. they have been wonderful and we are looking forward to a chat on the 30th of May with Doris!!!!! 8 pm EST.. make sure you visit the chat room and see who the lucky winner is, she will be announcing during the crop.

Last bit of news.. I was tagged by Di!!!! We are to share 6 summer month goals we have ... so since I didnt have any.. this is what I have come up with..

1. Survive!!!!!!! My kids are going through some major changes this next couple of months and Yes, I need to just be able to SURVIVE!!!! Kacee graduates from Seminary on the 30th and then the 31st she graduates from H.S. It has been quite the adventure with her lately and I am not sure if I am looking forward to her facing reality or not..so.. definately going to need lots of prayers and well wishes for her.
Bug, is going to be home a total of 2 weeks this whole entire summer... He will be touring Europe all of July with the Ambassoders of Music, He has 2 different training camps for Student Body Officer, and he has just been asked to be the main role in The Martin Harris Pageant.. He will be playing Jimmy and it is a big big role (the main one for youth) and will be hours and hours of work as well.
Kassi will be slowing down a bit this summer and only has one class in dance. Josh will also be slowing donw as well.. so those two will be keeping me more busy because they will be bored!!!
Savana and Trevor, hopefully will be able to get the transplant during the summer.. They are on the list as of June and Trevor will be starting dialysis on June 6th. We are hoping and praying for a donor soon. Definately will be a trying summer keeping Trevor healthy and the rest of the family upbeat!!

2. Try to get a layout Published... this has been a goal that I have set before and though I was thrilled with my layout being put into the Basic Grey gallery, I really have a wish for a layout to be published in a magazine.. Problem.. I never try to submit!!! soo... I am going to face my fear and start submitting some of my work and see what happens... So.. whip those whips and get me going gals!!!

3. Keep up with my TTS duties.. it seems that sometimes I get so far behind I am unable to catch up with the site.. I am almost caught back up again and need to spend some serious time organizing and planning my schedule to keep up with the site better.. so this is a big time goal for me.

4. Be happy... more and more this year I have let myself get down.. little things and some big things have really got to me and I am having a harder time staying positive and happy with myself.. not letting others getting me down.. I am going to work on this more.

5. Keep my house clean... I have been diligently working on this goal for several months and I am determined no matter how hard it gets this summer to keep it a priority..

6. Enjoy my DH... as the kids are becoming older it has been harder for Jeff and I to spend time alone together and I am really seeing how much that it is needed.. I am going to work hard to spend more and more time rekindling us.. we deserve it!!!

whew... ok.. finally ot through this one...
now who am I tagging..... hmmmmm if you are reading this ... you are tagged!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

About a Boy

I finally sat down and scrapped today.. seems that doing one layout a day is a major accomplishment to me with all the other things going on and trying to keep up with just life itself..

We were challenged for our blog today at TTS to write about what we do before leaving the house... well with 5 kids that are now pretty much able to get themselves ready it isnt such a drama as it used to be.. hehe somethings change and I am not sure if that is always good as the chaotic life I once had sometimes is something I miss... My kids growing up has been pretty hard on me the last couple of years and I am finding myself wondering if I did okay more and more while raising them.. They seem to be doing ok for the most part, and yes everyone has struggles, I guess as a mom your struggles include wondering if you did enough for them.. My advice.. if it is worth anything... Sit back and enjoy the things that seem to stress you out with your little ones.. soon they will be teens and not home as much and that is such an empty feeling to me sometimes.. I find myself trying to figure out what my roll is more often than not...

Here is my layout I did today...

credits are:

About a Boy 3-5 years, Misty Cato, SBB

It is a great kit and so many fun elements to play with in it.. as always, Misty does a wonderful job with her kits and I am so lucky to be one of her CT members..

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Changed Lives

We were challenged today at TTS to write about something that has changed our lives significantly.

Mine by far was adopting Kassi and Josh.. what a turning point in our lives.. A life long dream finally came true when adopting them and we definately started parenthood over again. We are now realizing even more just how much that decision changed our lives.. Bug our youngest biological will be a senior this next school year.. Kacee is graduating in 15 days and turning 18 on the 19th this month.. Savana is married and has her own little family to take care of and if it were not for adopting these two little kiddos we would be definately at a different time in our lives..

I don't regret the decision one bit but, I do seem to be reflecting from time to time about what would be different at this time in life if we were not blessed to have these two 8 year olds in our home.

so..... here is to another 10 years of raising kids and keeping me young!!!!

Here is my latest layout that I did over the weekend.. You can find the kit at SBE by Brenda Johnson called A New Life and the template can be found at DSS by Jennifer Konarkowski.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Welcome to my new nephew!!!

My brother Lamar and his awesome wife Heather just had their little one and I was able to go to the hospital while he was being born... I was so excited to be able to hold a new little one and share in this awesome experience... I really needed to have this experience!!!

welcome little Kyden James to our family.. He was born on 5/8/2007 weighing in at 7lbs. 15 ou and is 20 inches long. He looks just like his big brother Zakk!!!

Kassi decided a few days ago that she wanted to have braids in her hair.. all over, little ones!!!! I kept telling her that I would do them for her but, it would take a long time to get them all done... I am ok with sitting that long, momma, she said.. so we began the process.. about 2 hours into the braiding I noticed her head to start to bob... Kacee came in and caught these photos of Kassi holding her head up fast asleep while we were braiding.. Isnt she just adorable!!!! Great pics Kacee... you did a great job catching these photos!!! watch for more on pages soon to come... I am off to scrap now!!! Don't forget to join me at TTS for the fun HS reunion day!!!

Welcome to my new nephew!!!

My brother Lamar and his awesome wife Heather just had their little one and I was able to go to the hospital while he was being born... I was so excited to be able to hold a new little one and share in this awesome experience... I really needed to have this experience!!!

welcome little Kyden James to our family.. He was born on 5/8/2007 weighing in at 7lbs. 15 ou and is 20 inches long. He looks just like his big brother Zakk!!!

Kassi decided a few days ago that she wanted to have braids in her hair.. all over, little ones!!!! I kept telling her that I would do them for her but, it would take a long time to get them all done... I am ok with sitting that long, momma, she said.. so we began the process.. about 2 hours into the braiding I noticed her head to start to bob... Kacee came in and caught these photos of Kassi holding her head up fast asleep while we were braiding.. Isnt she just adorable!!!! Great pics Kacee... you did a great job catching these photos!!! watch for more on pages soon to come... I am off to scrap now!!! Don't forget to join me at TTS for the fun HS reunion day!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

NSDhappenings at TTS

WE are having soooooo much fun this weekend at TTS... Make sure you come and check out the NSD challenges and win some awesome prizes this weekend.

There is an online chat in about 3 hours and I will be announcing the winners of the game last month as well as tons of prizes and challenges will be issued throughout the evening.

I will also be debuting the new kits for May in the online store and I even have a sneak preview of the 2 that I did this month...

oh and PS...... Please welcome Kassi and Bella as our newest TTS DT members ... Kassi is my 8 year old DD and will be sharing layouts with everyone tonight. Bella is the proud DD of Nancy and is 4 years old!!!!!! welcome to the team Kassi and BELLA!!!!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Most Recent Layouts I love

I have really had fun doing these layouts the last month and am proud of the way that most of them turned out.. the contest I was in really helped me become a better scrapper.. not to mention the help from all the gals at TTS... Thanks gals!!!! you know you RAWK out loud!!

Monday, April 30, 2007

I have really had alot of fun doing sketches for Di, that she has been putting on her blog.. This is the latest one that I did for her. I love love this kit by Manuela Zimmerman you can find it at Digital ScrapSpirit. the kit is called Beauty in Bloom! make sure you go see all the rest of the layouts that are on Di's blog and see the awesome talent she has shared!!! Thanks Di!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

OMG it finally happened!!!!!!

I finally got published for the first time ever!!!! I am soooooo excited.. I decided to put this layout up for the BG gallery and got an email back with in a couple of hours that it was selected for their gallery... It was a very special layout to me as I did it for Kacee who has been struggling a bit the last little while as encouragement for her.. I am just so excited I can't believe it!!!

here it is!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I have been tagged... twice!!!!

ok first I was tagged a couple of days ago by Susan.. and just not got around to it.. so here is this one..

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I am terrified of dentists
2. I own a yellow bug and my license plates are Crazy T.. and I love it!!!
3. I am a tinkerbell fan
4. I am addicted to Pepsi
5. I think I need a 7 step program for my internet habbits!!
6. I love to feel accepted and part of a group
7. I am a worry wart.

ok.. people I am gonna tag are:
Wendi, Dawn, JustTrish, Di, Nancy, Robin, Shannon

Now here is Di's my second tag:
1. I love the show Mash!!
2. Sean Connery is a sexy sexy Man!!!!
3. I really want to get published with one of my layouts one day
4. I own a tanning bed
5. sweedish fish are the bomb
6. My Mum was from England
7. I love to travel

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Fear faced again...

As some of you might know, I am terrified of the dentist.. This is not just a little fear, it is a complete and total paranoia that I have..
My teeth have become so bad that I had to come to a decision of what to do with them.. I have gone as far as pulled my own teeth out to keep from going to the dentist and it is getting to the point that smiling is not something I like to do in front of people anymore.. this is saddening in itself.
So.. about a month ago, I got a horrific tooth ache and I was just going to pull the tooth myself.. Jeff told me that if I would deal with the dentist, not pull the tooth out he would set it up for me to get the teeth I have wanted for so long, get them all fixed and white and straight. I decided that I needed to face my fear and get it done..
I have endured yet another root canal which now is the last of two teeth that have not had it done, or been pulled. The experience sends me into a mental state that I really cant describe, I start to have nightmares, anxiety and extreme fear. But, it is time for me to face this and get it over with... Today I finished another step of the rootcanal tooth. They put the temporary crown on and tomorrow I was supposed to start the bleaching process. But, the front tooth is now in trouble and we might have to put the bleaching on hold and try to figure out our options of the front tooth before getting it done.
I guess to some this might seem like a really stupid post, but, to me.. it is a successful story and challenge that I have had to face for a long long period of my life and now, I am getting the courage to face it.
so.... to me... another success for today!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thanks everyone!!

Wow... look how loved I am!!!! 12 comments on MY BLOG!!!!! whohooooo thanks gals.. you made my day!!!
Today is a busy day, Trevor is starting some injections for his eyes that is actually a new cancer drug treatment that they have found sometimes helps the swelling in his eyes. I have been on the phone with Medicaid all morning trying to get them to help the kids get things going, it is amazing to me the loops you have to go through for help. Pray for them, it is getting to be so hard for all the things to get accomplished they need. We meet with the transplant team on April 25th and hopefully that will be the next step to get the kidneys and pancreas transplant on its way. He is needing it desperately and everything that can go wrong seems to be.

TTS news:
The game is absolutely out of this world right now.. what fun this month is turning out to be and I have just been overwhelmed at the talent and support the teams are giving each other. This week they are working with Misty Cato's wonderful template she did for us and they are just really having a great time with that. The bonus challenge for this week is scraplifting their partner.. all I can say is WOWOWOWOW... what talent there is... make sure that you go and check out the awesome gallery.

Ok, have a great day everyone, and remember as my good friend Dawn tells me take your 15 minutes for yourself today... do something just for you!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Excuse this blog.. hehe

I am making some changes on my blog and trying to get it more user friendly (for me) and able to advertise, show layouts etc and keep everyone more updated on what is happening with TTS and my life a little bit..
Please be patient and kind!!! hehe and watch for the new changes to continue to take place...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happenings for March

Does life ever slow down!!!! It seems that the more I think that I can get caught up the farther behind I am getting..
Ria, my Foreign Exchange DD from Germany has been her since the first of February and we have been having a great time reaquainting and been doing a bit of traveling to see some sites.
We went to San Diego last week and had a great time on the beach and spending some quality time with the kids.. It was so warm and a fabulous relaxing trip that we all needed.
Now that we are home, it is back to work and trying to get caught up in the wonderful gallery at TTS.. I have had so much fun this last few weeks there and the new members are really having a great time in the forums it seems.
We are now having a chat every Monday and every Friday night at 7:00 pm EST, come on over and have some fun with us.. sometimes there are some prizes involved too!!!!
The game for March is in full swing at TTS as well... Do you feel LUCKY??? Well hop on over and feel up your pots with gold coins and win some great gift certificates to the online store and of course the GDT is up for grabs for April.. April the online store is sponsoring the website with TTS kits and should be a great month.
This months sponsors are 3bugs in a rug and Heather Ann Designs.. they have been awesome and the gallery is filling up with wonderful creations for you to see...
Hop on over and have some fun with us!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome some new DT members to TTS

We have had quite the last week with TTS.. we decided it was time to add to our paper team and asked our awesome exhisiting DT to help us by referring some great people to us.... wow did they do that !!!!! We still had over 25 people to choose from by doing it privately and only got to pick 5 of them... All of the applicants would have been a wonderful addition to TTS and it is definately not my favorite part of this job as there are so many talented and wonderful people on the web.
We did choose some great gals though and we are so excited to have them join us. They are definately a chatty bunch and keeping us all on our toes at TTS so come and join in on the laughs and excitement we are creating for you.
Here are the new gals and thanks gals for joining us at TTS.. we are thrilled to have you.

Jennifer Holowaty
Nancy Jones
La Tonya Boike
Robin Blankenship
Shannon Schafer

Our sponsors this month were so much fun and we are so grateful for them. Make sure that you go and look through the gallery at TTS and check out the products made with Piggy Tales and Nitwit Collections.. what a fun month they have given to us and we would encourage you all to support them!!!

We are looking forward to March with a "Lucky R We" theme and going to have a great time finding the end of our rainbows all month long.. Make sure you watch the newsletter and forums for details of the game.. it should be alot of fun not to mention the great prizes at the end of it!!

I would like to thank my wonderful CT teams that I am on as well.
Rina Kroes, Misty Cato, Jennifer Trippetti, Kim Johnson, Kelley McDonald, and Brenda Johnson... their products are so much fun to play with and you just Have to go and check out their stores..
you can find them here:
Rina Kroes: SBE and 3Scrapateers
Misty Cato: SBE amd SBB
Jennifer Trippetti: SBB
Kim Johnson: DSD
Kelley McDonald: DSD amd PDP
Brenda Johnson: SBE

have a great week everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

update on Trevor and Thank you everyone!!!

I wanted to share with everyone what the power of prayer can do.First of all thank you so much for all your prayers, without them I would not be able to share this and we all know that it is because of them that we are able to move forward like this.Trevor went back to the specialist yesterday afternoon and had an appointment. They did all the regular testing that they do each time to watch the progress of the kidneys etc.The Dr. Told Trevor that he was sure that the kidneys were getting worse or just stopped where they were at because once they have started to fail then they don't get better they just stay the same or continue to get worse until the transplant is completed.So, he told him that things looked okay, and that he would (first miracle) call and refer him to the hospital of his choice here in Utah to be on the transplant list!!!!! So that is a major step that was completely refused up until now.... This is great news for us and makes it so that we will have more hope of a transplant when it is needed to be done. Isn't that awesome!!!So next he was sent to the lab to have the tests done again that they have been doing each week and then another one that they are doing monthly.. (2nd miracle) the kidneys not only are doing fairly well, the numbers show that there has been small improvement.. Not enough to take him off of the transplant list but, they are functioning again at a livable rate and it isn't in the critical area for right now. The Dr's said that this is a true miracle because usually they get worse not get stable... We are definitely not out of the woods, but, the prayers are helping we are positive by helping him to have the time we need to get the transplant and financial assistance that he will need to have the surgery as well. It has made everyone's faith here completely overwhelmed.. My husband, being in the medical field himself, is still trying to scientifically make sense of it all and keeps saying this just isn't possible scientifically... Trevor and Savana are just in tears and completely overwhelmed.. Trevor is still not able to go back to a work enviroment that is physically challenging as his job has been but, he is now going to take the time to find something that he can do in an enviroment he can be in and that has insurance to help them with their needs. We still know that we need prayers and faith and need God to help us through the trials that we have ahead, we know that we are not out of the woods yet, but, we also know that God is watching and helping and listening to all the prayers that are being said on his behalf.Thank you so much everyone... I am overwhelmed with your compassion and prayers for us..

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Life has been a whirlwind this month.. I can't believe that January is almost over. We have had a great month at TTS this month and done alot of our new years resolution goals to keep us going throughout the time. I have almost done 50 layouts between paper and digital this month so I am proud and excited about that.
The sponsors this month at TTS were so wonderful.
Cosmo Cricket is a fabulous paper company and their product is just a great hit in the store and I am excited to bring in their new lines they are releasing this weekend at CHA.. I went and picked them up last week and have them ready to go.
Rina Kroes is just such a sweet sweet lady and so full of inspiration.. Her kits have shined in the gallery all month long and it has been so much fun to watch the gallery.. I am overwhelmed with the creativity from everyone there.
Holly McCraig gave everyone a wonderful kit to work with as well.. I have not had an opportunity to use mine yet but, the gallery ideas are awesome and will give a great deal of encouragement to everyone who looks.
I have been busy restocking the store the last month and can't wait to start uploading it to the web store as it is wonderful to have new product.
Thanks again everyone for all your support and dont forget to come and play in the month of February at TTS we are going to being "sharin the LOVE" next month. so come and have some fun and win the loot!!