Wednesday, May 28, 2008

News on Trevor

How do you say miracle??? OH my this is such an overwhelming experience.
I will just post from the beginning as so many of you are asking and it is easier to just keep it all in one place. Please post your love and wishes to them here and I will share them with Savana and Trevor at the hospital on each visit.

My dh and I decided to go for a little road trip over the weekend. We got up Sunday morning and packed the kids into the jeep and started for yellowstone for the night. Savana and Trevor weren't able to go as Trevor hasnt been feeling well enough to get out of bed much.
We kept in constant contact through text message through them all day though and things were just a normal boring day for Savana as Trevor slept. We had lots of fun going through yellowstone (even saw a grizzly bear!!!!) and headed home on Monday. Through the canyon we didnt have service for our phones but in each area we did then we kept in contact with Savana as we usually do.
Monday evening about 6:00 we were headed through a canyon and had lost service. I had texted Savana about 5:45 asking when Trevor was seeing the transplant team as he wasnt feeling well but hadnt heard back before we lost service.
When we got out of the canyon I had 2 urgent messages to call Savana. (Yes I was panicked) When I got her on the phone she said that the team had just called and there was a donor and to get to the hospital stat. They were already almost there and that was about 8:30pm.
At that point they werent sure whether the donor's organs were damaged but wanted him there in case it was good.
We got to the hospital about midnight and they were starting dialysis on Trevor to relieve the excess fluid he had, and given him so medication for helping to build up his system for the transplant and said that the organs of the donor were in perfect shape and a perfect match. They scheduled to start the surgery the next mid morning. Jeff and I went home and took care of things and was back to the hospital yesterday morning. We finally had our turn for the surgery at 6:00 pm and at 4:00 am this morning were done and I have never ever seen such a miracle.
His kidney started working instantly. The pancreas as well and levels have been perfect all the rest of today and the kidney is still working amazing. Savana joked with me this morning saying that she has never seen Trevor pee so much!!!
He is very very sore but, when we got to the ICU room expecting to see him all hooked up to a million tubes instead he was sitting up with a grin from ear to ear and both thumbs up. He said to Jeff, I MADE IT!!!! Savana started crying and Trevor started crying and they held each other crying for several minutes which of course got all of us crying.
This mornings recent update is that the pancreas is doing awesome. His levels are perfect and the kidney is functioning perfectly still.
Trevor is hurting (expected) but feels amazed that he is doing so wonderful. He will most likely be in ICU for 48 hours and then could be coming home in as few as 5 days!!! They let Savana stay with him all night and she is very emotional but so so so thrilled.
They both have asked me to tell everyone that your prayers and thoughts are being felt and heard and please continue to pray for the greiving families. There were 3 donors that gave life to 7 very needing individuals yesterday. The emotion in the waiting room is undescribeable. And I am sure that each recipient is feeling the same emotion that Trevor is feeling. Words cannot express that and until going through it there is no way to understand.
I am feeling so blessed to have been on both sides as my brother was a donor for 6 individuals and knowing that his tragedy gave life to those individuals gave us all comfort and still does. But now seeing the other side is such a humbling and gratifying experience to see.
Thanks so much for all of your support love and concern.
I will keep everyone posted and please keep continuing to pray and have thoughts for the organs to not reject.


Robin said...

Oh know how excited I am for you all. I am THRILLED to know that the kidney and pancreas are already working!! It is just amazing that a week ago things were so much different, and a week from today, they will be even more different! His story has touched so many, myself included.

NancyJones said...

tears tears tears This is so amazing.
I have to hand it to you T. YOU NEVER GAVE UP HOPE. Even when it got so bad that we didnt think he would make it another hour.. YOU DIDNT GIVE UP. IM so proud of you and I just admire your strength courage and faith so much. I am so very happy for you all. Trevor is very loved and so deserving. IM so so happy he and Savanna will FINALLY get the lease on life they have been wanting so desperatly.
My prayers and thoughts will continue to be with you, I have linked here so everyone I have had praying will know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome news and you are so right about it being a miracle. I will keep praying for Trevor's total healing.


Anonymous said...

I don't even know trevor and yet I am just thrilled for him and for all of you. i know this has been a long road, but your at your destination. Welcome.

God bless.

Jacinda said...

I need another tissue here....

I can't tell you how incredibly relieved I am to hear this news, and how happy I am for Trevor, Savanna and you all. My Mum is going to be rapt when I tell her the news. Although we are half a world away, your story has touched our hearts right from the first, and we have been praying for you all. Our prayers will continue for a smooth recovery, and all the blessings he needs at this time.

Angela said...

As I sit here at my desk bawling my eyes out, I realize how truly amazing and wonderful our LORD is!! I mean really! My son and I have been praying hourly! Tyler asks me daily how Trevor is doing. I can't wait to see Tyler tonight and give him this news. We prayed last night for the families who have lost loved ones and will continue to pray for their comfort. We will also continue to pray for Trevor and his body!!



evitangel said...

OMG T, this is soooo great! I feel so happy for you all and of course: i will send still prayers! wow - speechless!

Kittenb said...

oh sweetie how amazing! I will keep him in my thoughts for continued acceptance & goos levels.

Anonymous said...

Oh T! I am in tears here. I'm so thrilled for you all that Trevor is doing so well! I'm praying hard for a great recovery and am just bursting with joy for you all!

meganmecrazy said...

Opps, sorry I just sent that message as anonymous! It was from me, meganmecrazy! :)

Kari H said...

How BEAUTIFUL a story! I am SO happy he got the gift of life and will continue to send prayers as he heals!

Kim Johnson said...

This is the best news T! I am so happy and relieved for you guys! Continued thoughts and prayers for a full recovery! Hugs!!

DawnMarch said...

Hurray! I've been following Trevor's story and so glad to hear this wonderful news! Like the others, I cried a little when I read your post.

I will be saying prayers for the donor's family -- I hope that being a part of so many miracles will give them some solace in a terrible time for them.

And your family will continue to be in my prayers, that you all may get back to leading normal, healthy lives!

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

girl i think i have cried off and on more this past couple days than i have in a long time! it is so amazing (and humbling) to see how God really does hear us and how He loves us so so so much :D this post has me crying again hearing how well Trevor is doing! we will continue to pray over the coming days, months, and years even for the families of the donors from the other day and for Trevor's continued recovery and well deserved "normal" life ahead! I told my kids during prayer and they started clapping and said to let you know they knew God would answer that prayer lol. HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSS to you, trevor, savanah and the whole crew :) PRAISE GOD!

Vickie said...

Wonderful news!! I am in tears reading about it ... but they're happy tears, tears of awe & joy! Hugs to everybody!!


Peggy said...

I cannot even begin to express how happy I am for all of you! God Bless the family who gave so much in their time of grief. God bless you all as well for never giving up hope!

Rona said...

Tracy, I am getting emotional myself as I read your post. Thank GOD for the new life that was given Trevor!!! Am so happy for you and for Savana! What an amazing miracle to have seen!

Laura Burger said...

I dont know what to say as I sit her with tears of joy! I have never felt so much for a family that I have never met, but love so much. This is like the best news, my prayer will stay with the kids, Trevor, Savanna and the whole family! You all are amazing and that is why you were blessed with this gift of life.

Holly said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am for your family! We'll keep praying for a complete healing and fast recovery!

Thunderdragon said...

Tracy, this is so amazing! I am so glad everything went that good and tell them they are in my thoughts.
All of you are. I can hardly put into (English) words what I want to say. *lol*

Sassy said...

I'm SO glad he's doing well!! It is Surely a Miracle! I hope he heals well :o)

... that LadyD! said...

Praise to the most High!!!!! Amazing!!! I'm so happy and still prayerful for you all!!! Many Continued Blessings, Thoughts, and Prayers for both your family and families of the donors!!!

Bobbie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! The tears are FLOWING down my face!! This is a miracle. I've also been on the giving side so I know how hard it is but hearing from the families that recieve and the lives that have changed make it so much easier! I am so glad that Savana and Trevor will have many more years together and I really hope they can enjoy the rest of their lives as husband and wife with all the joys they deserve. I am sending prayers for a speedy recovery!!! And prayers to the blessed family that made this all possible. They are angels!!

NancyP said...

WOW!! What can I say---it has all been said, and said exactly the way I feel!!! I also, have been crying continusly since that first wonderful post from Robin. We serve an awesome God. Let someone DARE try to tell us prayer doesn't work!!! HUGS to all of you!!!

catherine said...

Tears indeed, thank you for the update and the way you are sharing all these wonderful news! A miracle yes! can't say much but my heart and thoughts are with you!
Catherine from Finland

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh "T" ... your blog is FLOODED with TEARS of JOY girl!!! I can barely see my screen! You, Jeff, Trevor, Savana and the ENTIRE family continue to be a HUGE inspiration to SO many others darlin'. A MIRACLE indeed! All things for a purpose.

I am just in AWE that both pancreas and kidney are functioning flawlessly - SO meant-to-be! I continue to keep y'all in my thoughts, prayers and on my blog!!! I'd better get over there and update everyone. Actually, I shall just post a link to your blog!

THANK YOU so much for keeping us informed "T". I know that you have got to be exhausted and I pray that your (Savana too!) strength be renewed as you enjoy the CELEBRATION of a new life for your PRECIOUS Trevor!!!

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Gosh, tell Trevor that I am doing HIS happy dance for him! Please give him and Savana a GREAT big hug for me .... wish I could see that HUGE grin and THUMBS UP!!! Bless his heart! Oh gosh, here go the tears again .... I'm SOOOOO happy for y'all .... SOOOO, SOOOO happy!

Linda :)

cpbunch said...

T this is such fantastic news. I'm overjoyed that your family received this gift!! I will continue to pray for your family that all goes well with Trevor. This is such good news!!!!!!!!!!!

DebW said...

Hi Tracy! I'm just able to catch up now and I'm so glad to hear that as of your post all is well. I'm praying for a speedy recovery and a long, healthy & happy life for Trevor!