Thursday, July 10, 2008

I have a Disease!!!!!!

I want to tell you about a recently discovered (by me) syndrome – Craft Attention Hyperactivity Disorder, or C.A.H.D.

Symptoms include flitting from one craft pursuit to the next, creating stuff like crazy, and making a huge mess in your craft area (that would be the ‘disorder’ part)." Found on Tamara Morrison's Blog

I discovered today the name of my disease!!!! has anyone else got it? whohoooo I feel so good knowing its name and that other people have it too!!!! hehehe

I am taking an online class this summer by Stacy Jillian at BPS and the instructer this week shared the disease on her blog.. I instantly felt happy to know that there is a name!!!!

How is summer going for you all gals... are you as busy and swamped as I am... Life has got to slow down soon heehee .. but then what Fun would that be right!!
Hope everyone is doing good and I am off to check out TTS for the day!