Monday, November 26, 2007

Amazing people in our world!!!!

After Kacee posted the requests for cards the next few days were a whirlwind... First Laura Burger posted it at DST and then Junianas decided to start a collab kit in efforts to raise money for Savana and Trevor.. I am absolutely amazed at all that is happening.. There is a huge team of people from Designers to CT to coordinators all pulling together to make the most amazing kit I have ever seen in my whole life!!!! Wait till you see this creation..It will be sold at TTS and a few other stores that I will share once it is available.. The details are all being finished now.
This kit is over 2GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are over 200 papers and at least that many elements so far! We are having to find somewhere to host the kit just so that we can get it to all of you.. The designers are all top notch and you will not be disappointed.. This is so amazing!!!
My heart is just so full.. People have sent cards, donated time and money and we are so amazed that a little quest for cards has brought such an overwhelming love and compassion to our family.
A big thank you from all our family!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Cards for Encouragement Needed...

My son in law, Trevor, is back in the hospital for the 3rd time this month.. If you dont know their story let me share a little with you..

Trevor and Savana (my oldest dd) met a couple of years ago and fell in love almost literally on their first date. They were married 6 months later and are so very happy.. Trevor has 2 adorable kiddos, that are actually very close in age with my youngest two adopted kiddos and they are the best of friends.

Trevor has diabetes.. he has had this horrid disease since he was just a young child and has been insulin dependent for over 20 years. However, he was doing great until January this year.. 9 months after they were married.. He started to get sick, have seizures and his blood sugars started to be uncontrollable.. This is when he started to go to the doctors and we found out that his kidneys and pancreas were starting to fail. The first things that all the drs pushed for him to do was to prepare for the transplant list. The things required to be able to be on the list took up until October to finish.. They finally finished the last thing needed and were told that they are now denied for the transplant due to not having a secondary insurance.

Now, Trevor has gone through several surgeries, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prepatory treatments for the transplant and now is on complete dialysis. He has been doing dialysis at home now for the last couple of months. This past week he started to see yellow and was taken to the hospital yet again. They did surgery this morning to put the cathetar into his chest for hemo dialysis, which he will have to go to the hospital 3-4 times a week to do. This, is a hard blow, he will now have to quit the job that he has been literally killing himself to do because they needed the secondary insurance. He had to make it until Dec 9th to qualify for the insurance at this job.

We have gone to every resource that is possible to get help.. nothing is working... When they finally got onto medicaid they lost it as the medicaid team told them to apply for medicare.. as soon as they were accepted on medicare they were taken off of medicaid immediately.. this was about 5 months ago.

Right now Trevor is extremely sick, they think other organs are now starting to shut down. He is extremely discouraged and starting to give up. Savana is beside herself with grief.. Mind you she is only 22 years old, while all of her friends are getting married and starting their families, she is trying to keep her husband alive and positive and fighting for life..

Kacee my second DD, Savana's sister has started a Quest for encouragement cards for both of them.. If you would like to send a card of encouragement we would love to share them with them.
You can send the cards to:
Trevor and Savana John,
11080 North 5600 West
Tremonton, Utah
or digitally and I will print them off and take them to the hospital at

thank you everyone for helping us to keep him fighting for life!!!!
Here are a couple of layouts I did for them so you can have a face with the cause:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Winners of Week #1 are announced!!!!!

Go and check out the awesome winners of the first weeks challenge at TTS...
whohohooooo wtg gals!!!!


Have you joined in yet.. It isnt too late.. Here is Challenge #2:

Go and check out the awesome winners of the first weeks challenge at TTS...
whohohooooo wtg gals!!!!

Find the Details at TTS here:
Treasure QUEST

And of Course Check out the awesome Sponsors this week found here:
Sponsors of Week #1

Friday, November 09, 2007

Have you seen this awesome deal?!?!?!

Fotosusu is having a weekend give away for her new Christmas Kit comming out that is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!
Dont miss out..
Here are the details:

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My son Toni will draw the winner on monday.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Winner Winner Winner!!!!!!

And the winner of the drawing is:


Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and Cindi I am emailing you..

Dont forget everyone to hop over to TTS as we are starting the awesome contest!!!!