Monday, September 30, 2013

Virtue Makes You Beautiful

Crescent Moon Blog Highlight today

Simply Templates Highlights

Last week the CT for Crescent Moon put together some fun layouts using Simply Templates

You can pick these up at SNP for just $2.40 today.  Who doesn't love templates, they are a great way to get a layout started with ease.

Here are some of the layouts that the CT did, aren't they adorable?






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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Glimpses of A Life Kit by Designs by Laura Burger

I used a new kit that came out today called Glimpses of a Life, by Designs by Laura Burger:
You can find the kit at Pickleberry Pop

Puddle Jumper

Sierra, jumping puddles for the first time.  She absolutely loved playing in the water.

Sunshine and Rain Bundle: Crescent Moon Designs:
Simply Template 1:

Logan Canyon

Savana took her kids to Logan Canyon a couple of weeks ago to play in the water and just get out of the house. They took these fun photos while they were there:
Autumn Wishes, todays $2 Tuesday kit, Designs by Marcie:
Template is Wood Thingamajigs by Dawn Inskip:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sneak Peak from Crescent Moon Desings Coming Oct 1, 2013

Check out this awesome Sneak Peak..coming on Oct 1, 2013 from Crescent Moon Designs:

Crescent Moon New Fan Freebie

check this one out... awesome freebie to go with this terrific kit:
an the bundle is 40% off as well..

And here is the Fan Freebie:

And you can download it here:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I discovered Puddles

I discovered Puddles

Over Labor Day weekend all of my kids surprised me with a weekend visit. My oldest son took the grandkids outside to play and after it was raining Sierra discovered what puddles were for.. Jumping in of course! The little things that make your day:)

Sunshine and Rain, Crescent Moon Designs: SNP
Simply Template 1, Crescent Moon Designs: SNP

Our Little Miracle

Our Little Miracle

Sierra while she was still in the NICU after she was born. She is our little miracle.

My Romance, Maria Designs: GDS
Template (May Freebie) by Tinci Designs: PBP
Font is Fountain Pen

Friday, September 20, 2013

Couple New Layouts

Here is another set of layouts that I did this week.

They are both from the New Collab Kit called Fruit Loop by She Creates and Jen Yurko at STO


Kassi started on a fast pitch competitive team this summer. She is on the small side and so her pitch zone is almost nonexistent which makes it very hard for people to pitch to her. 90% of the time she would get hit by the pitch instead of get a ball that she could hit. She soon got the nick name of "Target" by her team members and they had a chant that they would yell everytime that she got up to bat that said she had pee wee power and to watch out because even though she was small she had the power to knock it out. 

Logan Canyon
Zoe and T.J. had a blast playing in the river in Logan Canyon last weekend. T.J. thinks Zoe is a pretty awesome friend to have around and won't let her out of his site.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

And the Birthday Sale

CU Owls

Lots of GREAT sales by Crescent Moon

over 246 items in this sale!!!

Over 246 pieces on this sale!

Catch of the Day

A couple of weeks ago we went to Sanpete and went fishing at one of our most favorite little ponds. Potters Pond. TJ was most excited as he had never caught a fish today and they were biting like crazy!! he was very excited to show off his Catch of The Day.
You can pick up this awesome kit with the add ons and paper stackers at GDS

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blog Train!!

One of the Designers, Dana's Footprint Designs,  that I CT for is having a blog hop today.  We as part of her CT were able to create a little freebie for you.  Here is mine.
Dana's  new kit Blessed  is on sale for just $4.
Dana's Blog is here:
Make sure to visit her blog for all of her specials, designs and amazing inspiration.

Blessed Blog Hop
Here is a little cluster that I made:

If you download please leave a comment. 

Here is the rest of the Blog Hop..

Dana also entered the NDC at The Studio so if you missed last weeks Road Trip - Around Australia entry you can still grab it.
Look out for her entry this week!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You are Loved

A photo I took of my little granddaughter when she was just a few weeks old. Credits: Sweet Stuff, A Little Giggle Designs In the Dark Template, She Creates font is Aquarelle

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hard to do...

These two layouts were some of the hardest ones I have ever done. In memory of my brother, Thad: This is a picture of my brother, Thad. I don't have very many photos of him especially in the last part of his life. I really love this photo though and cherish it. Thad chose to end his life after a battle with addiction and it has been one of the most difficult challenges of my life. 21 years later I still struggle with the many questions that are in my heart. Suicide is the hardest thing for a family to live through. I will always love my brother and remember him before the addiction started but I will never forget the hurt and pain that so many of us still deal with. I love you Thad. Credits: In this Moment, Inspired by Dominic Empty Spaces 3 Template, She Creates: font is Bradley Hand ITC This layout shows some of the feelings that I struggle with each day now that my brother is gone. This page is chaotic and emotional as it is that way in my heart and mind. I did two different pages to express the feelings that I feel due to his suicide. I miss him still and struggle with his decision even though it has been 21 years. Credits: In this Moment, Inspired by Dominic

School Zone

Back to school means back to a routine. As much as we all enjoy the kids home and the freedom to do a few extra things with them, it's always nice to have a little organization to your day. This little kit will brighten up your ordinary school mug shot or even your creative shot. Snap the picture of them now and then again at the end of the year and see how much they've changed right before your eyes.

Monday, September 09, 2013

couple of layouts

Here are a couple of layouts that I did over the weekend: credits: My son, Josh, started on the freshman team this year for football. He is already doing a fantastic job this year. We are excited for every season and ready to have some fun again this year. Credits: Dreaming of a Mouse, Pizazz Pixels Sept template free on her blog, Tinci Boho mask, Designs by Laura Burger: font is paintstroke photo effect is color center fade credits: Some fun photos of Sierra when she was first learning how to sit up. She has always looked like a little cupid doll. Credits: If Walls Could Talk, Seoul2Soul Scraps: Sept Template Challenge, Andrea Gold font is Storybook

Friday, September 06, 2013

Lots of layouts to share today

Here we go.. 4 for you to look at today: This is Tyson.. just goofing off and a picture I snapped of him. He is such a photogenic kid!! Credits: About a Boy, Dana's Footprint Digital Designs: Empty Spaces 3 Template # 3, She Creates: Font is Susie's Hand We went on a day trip to one of our favorite spots called Cascade Springs. Savana had not been able to take her kids there before that day and so she was excited to show her kids one of her favorite places as a kid. This is her and Tyson and him exploring. Credits: School Zone, Crescent Moon Designs: Empty Spaces 3 Template #4: fonts are ck handprint and ck kiddo We went on a day trip to one of our favorite spots called Cascade Springs. Savana had not been able to take her kids there before that day and so she was excited to show her kids one of her favorite places as a kid. This is her and Tyson and him exploring. Credits: School Zone, Crescent Moon Designs: Empty Spaces 3 Template #4: fonts are ck handprint and ck kiddo One of the things I needed to do while going through Cosmetology school was to do highlights and crimping. I had done the highlights a few weeks before and then this is the pictures I took to show off the crimping. She was always a great sport to be my model. Credits: Then, Sweet Made Inc: Empty Spaces 3 Template #2, She Creates: font is brushstroke

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Life Moments

These two layouts that I am sharing tonight are from a new kit called Life Moments by Designs by Laura Burger. You can find them at Pickleberry Pop: This is Kassi enjoying a shaved ice after a river run at Yellowstone, It was a great little mini trip and we had lots of fun. I love this photo of her!! font used is racetrac While camping T.J. (my grandson that is 3) discovered that he had a freckle. He was so proud of it. He had to show everyone and even now shows me his freckle every once in a while. We of course had to take a picture of it! fonts used are wacky, ravie and kedzie

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Creativity Takes Courage

T.J. taught Sierra how to play in the mud today. He painted her face and legs and arms. She was very proud of their creation!! Of course, I had to get pictures! Credits: Sept Collab Kit, Teachers Pet, GDS

Blended Templates and Paris Bistro

I did both of these layouts with the blended templates by Dana's Footprint Digital Designs at GDS and Paris Bistro by Pizzazz Pixels at HSD First is a layout called Oregon Falls: A photo of one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world..waterfalls.. aren't they truly amazing! I could search waterfalls around the world for my job if that was a possibility! This one is in Oregon. Next is a layout called Sierra: Sierra watching my son Josh playing football.. She was very intrigued!! but then, watching football is a very intense job!

Finding Treasures

T.J. absolutely loves the ocean we have discovered. He spent every minute he could discovering the treasures the sea brings to shore. He asked each day to play in the ocean while we were in Oregon. Credits: Catch of the Day, Designs by Marcie:GDS Daily Download Template, Dana's Footprint Digital Designs:GDS