Thursday, July 09, 2009

School overload!!!!!

This past couple of weeks have been a killer... soooo much homework and tests to study for and long long hours.. sorry for being so mia but, I am almost done with the first 6 week course and then will be more available...

good news is:
I can now do the following on clients at the school!!!
Hairstyles including up do's
Shaves (although this is not my favorite!!)
Clipper cuts

and by next week will be able to do:
make up

whohooooooooo... see all that 6 weeks of cramming is gonna pay off!!!

So if you live near me then call and come in and let me play!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week one almost done!!!

WOW!!!! how do you say overload.. we have learned so much this week I feel absolutely overwhelmed. I know that it will get easier as I do more hands on and having a blast learning everything.

So far I have done a ton of manicures and today passed them off so that I will be doing them on clients.. so if you are in the area and want a manicure call and schedule with me!!! hehe

I have done my first shampoo and style on a client.. scared me to death but, it turned out cute and was way fun to do.

My doll head has been officially renamed from Debra to Brun Hilda (go me, hehe) and she has undergone the torture of my hands already.. she has had pin curls, finger waves, her first style.. oh my don't ask!!! shampoo and today was set in my first roller curl. I keep forgetting to charge my camera and take it with me but have it on the list tomorrow and a girl there has been taking a few pictures that hopefully I can get copies of as well.. I can't wait to scrap it all!!!!!!

Everyone there is so friendly and helpful and the instructors are all so patient and willing to go step by step with this unexperienced GRANDMA!!! I am really having fun getting to know everyone and really looking forward to the weekend to let it all soak in and relax.

My biggest issue is missing the kids and Jeff.. I have never not been here when they are here and doing things and think about them all day. Kassi has been so sweet to get up every morning and wish me good luck and even drew me a picture to take the first day. Jeff sent me flowers to the school first day and made everyone super jealous and came and brought the kids and took us out to lunch yesterday ... It was yummy, we had Thai food. Savana keeps me informed on her through calls each day and comes in to see me whenever she is in Logan and that is awesome. I miss Kacee.. she is the one that I don't get to see hardly at all as she works swing shift and is gone when I get home and still sleeping when I leave. She texts me though all day and gave me the sad news that she has to work again this weekend so I don't get to see her then either.. But, it is only a short time.

Kassi is doing so good with her surgery now over, she only took pain meds on the first day of surgery and now is running around like nothing happened. I am so happy, as she has found a playmate that is so good for her and social needs. Her name is Ireland and they have become playmates almost every day!

Bug is a lifesaver, he has taken over all the chores, laundry and running little kids around. It is so great having him here as I know they are doing well.. He even cooks dinner every night~~

Josh is bored with summer already, but, he loves having Bug home and is spending some good quality time with him. He registers for football this weekend and has been doing some weight training with Bug a little each week (they are trying to get 6 packs!!)

Jeff is still working 12 hour days M-F and 10 hours on Saturday every day. He did get a day off this week, thank heavens. I so hope they get another pharmacist in soon as he can't keep up this many hours each week for too much longer..

Okay that is the catch up so far, whohooooo.. thanks for stopping and supporting me everyone!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First week of School

I just finished my second day of school.. I have only burned my thumb a little bit, honest!!!! I learned how to use those funky curling irons today and do my first hairstyle and manicure.. Everyone is super nice and it seems like a really fun place to be and learn.

Jeff sent me flowers on my first day to the school and everyone was way jealous and can't wait to meet him.. He is coming to have lunch with me tomorrow.. whohoooohoooo..

Savana got her 3D ultrasound yesterday too and came to the school to show me pictures of our little T.J. Yup he is all boy and I am soooo excited to have this experience. Daddy (Trevor) went straight to cabella's and bought him a camoflauge onesie and p.j.s and of course a bottle and binky to match.. hehe..
I found some cute little converse shoes with puppy dogs on them too.. oh my the kid is going to be spoiled!!!!
Welcome to the family Travis Earl John. We love you so much all ready..

Thursday, June 04, 2009

School, It's My Turn!!!!!

So it is official.. I am headed back to school!!!!! I was going to start in September but, today I was contacted and asked to start on June 15th with one other gal. I will be getting more one on one attention with this starting date and soooo excited, nervous, and anxious!!!

I will be going to Cosmetology school and the kids will be taking over the store while I am going. I will continue to have it online as well and with a few adjustments in times open to walk in customers not much will change in that area.

I am excited and so lucky to have a supportive group of family and friends with me. Finally it is my turn~~~ whohohoooooo!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home.. a good place to be!

We are finally home from our trip and we had sooo much fun. I loved the sun and soaked it in all week long. Some of us ended up with some wicked sunburns but all of them say it was worth it!!! I think Bug ended up the worst. I have to get the pics off of my dad's camera and then will share the swollen sleeping man!!

Doing lots of catch up work and trying to get myself more organized and ready for the summer. Always so many things to catch up with and deal with when you come home from a trip isn't there.. sometimes I wonder if it was worth going especially during the stresses of catching up.. but.. onward onward.. here we go!!!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Headed on a Cruise

whohooooo I am so ready for a fun trip with my family.. we are excited to spend some time without stress and enjoy the moment for a week.

sooo,... have fun without me everyone and remember to check out OSS while I am gone!!!

here is a little happening there:

One Single Seed PAPER STORE will be having an online only NSD sale for the
weekend. Sale will start on Friday May 1st and go through Sunday May 3rd.
Everything in the store will be marked down to 50% off retail. What a great
All supplies are limited to those in stock and if ordered and out of stock
will be reimbursed out of stock items through paypal.


Don’t forget to check out the forums for challenges and contests, chats and
games provided to you by the awesome Creative Team here at One Single Seed.
Lots of prizes and fun will be had!!!!

Have a great week everyone
PS this is an online sale only, the store will be closed May 1st through the 11th for walkin customers

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ammonia Scare.. 4/23

So Monday night I decided to take the kids on a walk about 8:00.. all went fine.. no biggie, I thought.. ugh.. Got almost home and started to have this burning and itching sensation all over my arms and back.. so as soon as I got home I hopped in the shower but, then I started to break out in hives by now I was really hurting and not too happy.. couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. I had a really strong taste in my mouth and burning in my nose as well. I took a valium that I had left over from one of my surgeries because I couldn't find any dang benedryl.. About 9:20 Jeff came home and I was not in good shape at all, he found the benedryl which of course was right under my nose and I took 2 of those. I then decided to try to sleep and lie down and took the rest of my nightly meds.. one just happens to be ambien.. right as I swallow it Jeff says.. ummm don't take your ambien.. oops.. soooo... Yes I slept very well and into the next mid morning actually... Tuesday I was still burning and itching and then we figured out what it was.. There is a farmer here by us that has one of the ammonia tanks for his fields he uses. I must have had a reaction to it (I have had them before) and not realized.. ugh... not a fun couple of days!!!

Soo.. today I had to go to the dentist.. as many of you know this is one of my greatest fears.. I despise going and am well known to pull my own tooth out instead of going.. but, I did it.. got a crown on and scheduled for my next set of work. I also have to go back to the specialist today for repairs on my bone graph that was done last year.. the dentist walked me over to the specialist office and said.. get her in today so she can't get out of it.. haha

At least it can't be worse right!!!!

ok.. I am off my complaining box and ready to hear something good.. so let me at it!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coolest EVER web man!!!!

Yes, I am the luckiest site owner in the whole wide digi world... I have the most awesome webman, Mitch and he has done it again!!!!

Go to my OSS store and click on one of the kits. We now feature a slide show of layouts added to our gallery using these awesome kits right there on the page you are at in the digi store!!!! This is such an awesome addition to the site, as are all the others he is doing.. but this one just caught me by surprise and I soooo love it!!!!

Special thanks to that awesome code monkey we have!!!! you rawk!


Monday, April 06, 2009

CAFEPRESS shop for OSS!!

whohoooo Mitch made us a shop for our website.. I am soooo loving this one:

You can find the shoppe here:


Tuesday, March 31, 2009


April Fools ARE YOU NUTS Paper Sale

Yup… I have gone NUTS again…
You have one day to shop.. that is it.. 70% off everything in the store.. paper that is…

use this code to get the discount.. it is only good for April 1, 2009

code: areyounuts

***not included with any other coupons or discounts*** no free shipping is allowed either…

*items will be substituted if they are out of stock** sometimes walk in customers and online customers are buying at the same time. We do our best to fill orders as they come but, with these kinds of sales sometimes inventory might be slightly off.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wow what an Honor!!!

Soooo.... this has NEVER happened to me before...
I was just given the honor of being recognized by my Awesome Friend Dawn (Snowsmoon Designs) on her blog and get the opportunity to pass it on... soooo here it goes..

Here are the rules too:
OK here is the rules:
1 - Pass it on to 10 other deserving bloggers.
2 - Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.
3 - Link to the bloggers you passed it on to, and leave them a message on their blog.

#1 is:
Nancy... YOU are da BOMB when it comes to blogging... I am inspired each and every time that I go to your blog and you are soooooo talented.. you are one of my bestest friends EVER and I am sooo grateful to be able to laugh, love and live through our friendship.. You RAWK!!!

#2 is:
Robin... now this gal she is such an awesome designer and friend.. I have been blessed with the friendship you give gal and I love your gutz!!!! You are rawking the bloggin... keep it up sweetie..

#3 is:
Sarah... your blog is full of information and amazing to scroll through. I love the details that you share and am so lucky to now be able to be apart of it. Thank you so much for all you are doing for me and OSS.

#4 is:
Suzanne.. I love your blog.. always fun and always inspiration to be found. You are an amazing and talented person and I am soo lucky to have you at OSS!! Thanks for all you do gal!

#5 is:
Margie.. gal there is never a day go by that I don't check on you. I know that you are one busy woman, but, I love to stalk your little blog out!!! Keep up the inspiring gal!!!!!

#6 is:
Di.. gal.. though we don't get to chat as much as we used to, you are still always on my mind and totally full of inspiration.. Your sketches are one of my favorites and it is so good to see you so successful!!!! Luv your gutz!

#7 is:
Linda... Ok.. there is just NO WAY on earth to not mention you and your amazing blog!!!! Each and every single day I have to sneak a peek at your blog and listen to my favorite tunes while catching up in the blogging world. Not only are you one of the most special people in my life you are a gift to all of us that know you!!! NO STRESS gal!!!

#8 is:
Traci...I have always loved and been inspired by your work and though I am always so busy, I do take the time to check out what you are up to and of course still STALK your designs!~!! Keep it up girl!!

#9 and 10:
Just cus I can't fit you all on here.. it is a shout out to all the gals at OSS that blog and keep me informed and updated.. You gals RAWK outloud!!!!! keep it up!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There is nothing that can be more of a MIRACLE than this!!!
How do you ever explain a feeling of watching your Daughter see her baby for the first time and hear the miracle inside. My heart is overwhelmed..

Credits are found in my gallery here

Monday, March 09, 2009

Grand Opening Happenings

Already we are under way with amazing challenges and contests to get you started off for the week..

Check out the "I Matter" challenge and win a whole year's worth of Kits!

Look at all the OSS team... They Matter to me!!!

Tons of fun games and challenges can be found here in the forums..

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Grand Opening is HERE!!!!!

Monday the festivities begin... Come and play with us at One Single Seed

Friday, February 27, 2009

We Are Adding to our Team!

Ad Reads:
Are you looking for a growing site to place your roots at? Then join us as we build our colorful garden.

Create 1 layout per kit
3 kits per month
Post at 3 galleries
Last... be ACTIVE on site

Send Email with brief bio, link to gallery, links to 2 fav los, and list of (if any) CT commitments.

Send to:
Put CT CALL in subject

Call ends March 6th!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Announcement... Baby!!!!!!!!

Most of you know my Daughter Savana and her hubby Trevor. They have been through quite an experience in their short marriage and we are sooo grateful for the blessings of Trevor's transplant and new life. They have been married almost 3 years now and were told that they most likely would not be able to have children.

Well today I got a phone call at 6:00 am.. Savana was crying on the other end and immediately I thought the worst and thought that Trevor had a rejection to one of the new organs... Nope...

She got a positive pee test!!!!!!!!! after a busy morning and quite emotional one at that we are confirmed...

Savana and Trevor are having a BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a gift!!!

YES I did take pictures of the 2nd positive test and kept the receipts and YES we are already planning the page to announce the news!!!!

I am gonna be a GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

One Single Seed is soooo awesome!!!!

I absolutely couldn't be more thrilled with the new site.. It is sooo amazing and soooo exciting to have this.. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I would reccomend Kathy Moore to anyone.. she is literaly FABULOUS!!!!! so so FABULOUS!!!!!

We have a few minor details to work out on the site but, they are just exciting and fun. I loved working with her so much that I have got on her list to have her do my personal blog as well.. I am excited.. and yup.. going to use the same colors as the site and alot of the same things that we used for OSS..

Kathy is having a really awesome fundraiser for the special olymics in her home town going on in her blog..
Make sure that you check it out, Kathy really is amazing and you wouldn't be disappointed.

March is just around the corner and with it will be the Grand Opening of OSS. I am really excited to get it all under way and of course will be all stressed out until it is done fully and ready to go. But, I am in good hands and it will all be worth it.

Stop on by and say HI!!!!

Thanks to everyone for helping it all come together.. You all RAWK!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

It is Kassi's bday today... What a fun filled day we had too.. Bug came home for the weekend and Kacee was able to get the day off today so we went to celebrate.
Kassi got her nintendo ds that she has been itching for the last year.. she got to go get a couple of games and a new areopostal jacket.. We also went out to Rodizzio Grill for her bday dinner.. oh yummmy!!!!

I can't believe how big the kids are getting and how much I really love having them around..

I am truly blessed!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Pooka... and a special Happy Birthday to my mum too.. I always miss her and am so thankful to her for all that she gave me but, especially on this day as she shares a special day with the granddaughter she kept in heaven with her a few extra years!!!
Love you Mum.. miss you always..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Short and Sweet today.. but, I had to share the conversation that Kassi and I had on Monday..

Kassi: Mommy guess what?

Mom: What, Pooka?

Kassi: 6 more days and I am a TWEEN!!!!!!

Oh my Oh my... in 4 more days I no longer have kids at home.. I just have 2 TWEENS!!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Secret Has Been Revealed about TTS!!!

I have toyed with many thoughts and things that I would like to see in the site.. I have looked into what would happen if..... lots of ways, of areas....
This obviously started as a great and exciting adventure to me... It was a dream that I have had for many many years and because of some dear friends it was made possible.

Life is all about change and sometimes if handled correctly then change can be good... Sometimes change can cause hardships and we all know about that. This site has gone through some major ups and downs and has come close to having to close its doors.

I had some heart to heart discussions with a couple of very very close friends and then with my husband.
Now you can tell friends somethings.. but husbands.. anyway mine.. I can really share all my gut with.. he can help me sort through things and help me with perspectives and ideas on how to reach goals etc. He is obviously my biggest support and a wonderful man that has bailed me out not only financially with my business but emotionally as well.

After talking with my hubby, I have realized a few things.. I know who my firends are and what they do for me.. they are an inspiration that other than my family is most important to me in my life. Most of those friendships have come from this site and this community. I am honored to call you all my family.. I don't want to loose this dream.. I want to fight until the very end to make it successful and am determined that is what I will do. We will succeed...

Some of the changes that are going to happen are big changes.. the site overhaul is a big overhaul.. the design work will be different.. we will have more advanced features and a very competive opportunity to work with. This has come to be more of a reality than ever this week as I have worked with the new webdesigner in planning and seeing the first mock up of the site..

I have decided that with the change it is like starting over.. a fresh chance for us to really make it what I dreamed it would be from the start. It is in our reach now and with that I have decided that the time to make the change should go all the way... A fresh new start...

So... with that I have decided that I want to also Start over with a new name to the site.. There are many many treasured memories with TTS the name, and they were shared and grew to a wonderful community. I have thought and thought and talked and talked about it for so long it is time to make it all changed, now is the best time to do that with the site upgrade to a dedicated server, new design and hopefully new dreams that will cooincide with the ones I had with TTS.

My dream is not to be a huge site that is impersonal.. but, one that is healthy, loving and most importantly finacially stable enough to not have to rely on my poor hubby to bail me out each month!!!
My biggest and everyone else's love of this community is us.. the people in it .. and those people are the ones we want to bring to the community.. and we can do it!!!
So... with all that... thank you all so much for all your support... and here is the name of our new site and new start...

One Single Seed . com

Welcome to my dream!!!!! and thanks for sharing it with me...

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Is brewing at TTS... YUP WE GOT A HUGE HUGE secret... it is awesome amazing and sooooooo fun... Can't wait to reveal the huge annoucement.. You better be prepared for lots of fun, changes and EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!

Make sure you keep up over there so that you find out all the details... They will hopefully be able to be revealed during our Super Bowl Weekend Crop!!!!!
Jan 30 to Feb 1

BTW.. did you know that we are looking for LOTD .. just post a layout in the gallery at TTS and you may be chosen to be highlighted for the day.. A layout is chosen Monday through Friday and then the 4 of them go up for a vote for Layout of the Week Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. If your layout is chosen then you are eligible to move on to LOTM.. the 4 LOTW picks will be voted on during the end of the month and the winner gets a gift certificate to one of our awesome stores at TTS!!!!

Come and join the fun!!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

What a Week!!

Wow what a whirlwind week this has been... Kassi has been sick off and on for about a week.. she seemed better yesterday so I sent her to school.. She came home from school and had a really red hot rash all over her stomach, legs and arms... I was sooo upset for sending her to school... This morning it was worse so we called the dr and got her in.. yup, she has strep.. I am one of those people who get so irritated when people send their kids to school sick knowing they are sick.. and her I send Kassi.. of course I didn't know but I feel horrible to have sent her. She also has very very sensitive skin and so we need to get her a medication for that and change to dye free soaps and a lotion to help with the dryness during the winter months...poor little one.. I feel so bad for her.. On the plus side I think that through this we might have found a better dr..I was impressed with him and so was Jeff. He was super nice and very thorogh.

Now for some TTS news.. there is a big big secret that is going to be revealed next month and I am sooooo excited about it... I can't wait for the reveal and really hope that this will help us change things for the better with all that has happened this last few months. I am excited to have a start over and looking forward to the challenges that it will bring. So make sure that you check often there as there will be some major changes starting in about 2 weeks... whohohooooooooo

Again, another shout out to all those gals at TTS helping out.. Nancy, Laura, you two are amazing.. I have never seen two people work so hard to pull things back up so quickly and do it so successfully. I appreciate and love all my gals there but these two really have gone over the top to make things ok... thank you all sooo very much!!! you will be happy with all the new surprizes coming to us..

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

TTS Hidden Treasures!!!!

So, if you are a part of TTS and are reading this then you know that we experienced yet another terrible weekend with server problems and yet another set back...
I just want to tell you that I have some of the best people ever working with me there.. I was seriously ready to just throw in the towel after this one.. how many things can actually go wrong before you give up.. but, several of my most wonderful friends pulled together and helped us work it out to working state again.. of course it is with a set back but, because of them we are still going and they are keeping me more determined than ever.. I love you guys!!!!!!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart..
BTW,.. I have a little incentive program going there for those on the ct.. so if you are involved.. you might want to post a little comment here!!!