Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Couple more to share today!

Here are a couple more layouts I did today: you can follow this link to my GDS gallery and find journaling and credits there:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Target, Pee Wee Power

Kassi started competitive softball this year for the Vipers. She was soon nicknamed Target due to being so small that each time she was up to bat ended up getting hit because her pitch zone is too small for the girls to pitch to. Her other nickname is Pee Wee Power. Even though she is the same age as the other players she is the smallest player in the league. This deceives all of them because of how good she is at the game and how fast she is as well. Credits: Celebrate, Designs by Marcie — with Kassi Madsen.

Friday, July 26, 2013

You Color my World

You Color My World Bethany and Kacee and the Chalk festival. They had such a great time and looked pretty awesome by the time the chalk had flown. Credits: Summer Splendor and daily download template by Dana's Footprint Digital Designs: fonts are: ck cursive, ck constitution, ck journaling

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Christmas in July

At GDS this month we are doing a Christmas in July theme and I got to play with the awesome kit called Candy Christmas by Dana's Footprints. You can find the kit here Here is my layout that I did for it:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Couple of layouts today

These two layouts are with the kit called Born Proud by Designs by Laura Burger. They are all on sale for the picklebarrel right now!!! go grab them while you can! You can find the credits, journaling etc here: Pickleberry pop gallery

Monday, July 15, 2013

A couple of layouts today

My oldest Son, Jorgen aka Bug and my youngest daughter Kassi while we were in Yellowstone las year. We loved finding as many waterfalls as we could and this one was quite a hike to get to but well worth the hike. Credits: Catch of the Day, Inspired by Dominic elements: mats: alpha: printed papers: solids: template by Dawn Inskip My youngest Kassi enjoying a sunset on the beach in San Diego. I love this photo of her! She always enjoys the simple things. Credits: Warm Summer Nights, Inspired by Dominic Designs.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

One more today:

my grandson T.J. loves to play in the dirt.. well today he discovered that when you wet it down with the hose you get MUD!! When we asked him if he was making mud pies he said no grandma, I am making you mud cookies...Kids are so fun! Credits: Catch of the Day, Inspired by Dominic elements: mats: alpha: printed papers: solids: template by Dawn Inskip fonts: loud and ModBoran

A couple more layouts today

Here are a couple of layouts I did this week: My awesome youngest, Kassi, these were part of a photo shoot my daughter Kacee took of all of the kids and grandkids for Christmas this past year. I love how much fun they had and how she captured the fun they had in all the photos. I used the kit Lifes Journey, Saving Memory splashes, boho mask set 5 #2 You can find them here: Sierra, my little granddaughter, falls asleep in her high chair almost every time we put her in.. This little photo is one I took close up and think it looks like she is having a nice little dream.. I used the kit Life's Journey and the boho mask set 6 #3 by Designs by Laura Burger. Font is ck print You can find these kits here:
This is is my daughter Kacee. She has always had a very unique and fun personality. She has always been herself and okay with her own self and I am proud of her for that. This was a fun day when we were getting ready for my son to come home from his mission and painted an old building that said welcome home. Kacee was in charge of helping it all get done and of course added her own humor and joy to the event. This is a picture I took of her while she was goofing off. I used the kit from Andrea Gold called Dream in Color. This kit is a really fun kit to play with.. one of my most favorite things in kits is stitching and this one has the funnest stitching in it!! Another one of my favorites in kits is paper flowers, real flowers are great but I love to do layouts with paper flowers probably because of my paper scrapping days of making paper flowers. The add on to this kit is a must have!!! Again, some of the funnest elements to play with and a perfect collection for so many different types of pages. You can find the bundle here:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dreamin Quick Page by Andrea Gold

This is Kassi with her hair all crimped. I had to have a model while going through school to show that I could do it and of course she was my model once again :) She was always a good sport. I used the quick page from the Dream Collection by Andrea Gold. I have to confess that I have never used a quickpage before and wow I think I am hooked. It was so easy and turned out gorgeous!!! You can find the quick page here at GDS: So when you need a great looking page and one to do in just a minute, this is the way to go! font is called: simple

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A photo of my youngest daughter and the first batch of our bulldog pups. They were so much fun and Kassi especially loved playing and snuggling with them. It was hard to let them go but they went to good homes and they love them as much as we did. credits: template is from M&M Designs kit is Lazy Days, by A Little Giggle Designs font is Segoe Print You can find the kit here:…ducts_id=13593

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Couple of layouts to share today

My grandson Tyson is 2 and while he was out playing in the yard this week I took the opportunity to snap a couple of photos and loved how this one turned out.. Credits: Warm Summer Nights, Inspired by Dominic, SBB Font: Reporter kit is found here: This is my youngest Kassi and her friend Cecilia dressed up for a Halloween party. Kassi was really into the "Nerd" thing this year and had memorabilia of all kinds to go with her addiction. So of course that is what she had to be for Halloween as well. I won this kit from Created by Jill at GDS and was so excited to find out that it was so perfect for these photos of Kassi. It is such a fun kit and so full of goodies, I had a hard time deciding on which ones to use so ended up using almost everything I could! haha Thanks so much for the awesome kit Jill. Fonts used: Seoge Print, Satisfaction and Scroll This is my adorable little granddaughter Sierra, In this photo she is taking her first steps and I was able to catch them in the photo. I used the July Collab Kit, Sunshine and Roses, here at GDS and it is such an amazing kit to work with. I have noticed that with each layout that is being made they are all so different and unique. Because of the choice of elements and papers this is possible and a plus to any collection! You can find this awesome kit here: