Monday, December 18, 2006

Snow Snow Snow

Well not in my little town, but wow there has been some great snowfall this weekend in the Salt Lake area and it is so bitter cold here to me. The only time I anticipate the snow is Christmas so that we can have a white Christmas, hopefully we will get some snow this week to make that happen..hehe
We have had a great weekend again, I just love hanging out with my kids and it was fun to be able to spend time with Savana and Trevor and Rylie and Ryson this weekend as well.. We went to the Bouncing House for a family bday party and had tons of fun... I have been paying for it though as my muscles are so sore now!!! hehe well worth it though.
We finished up the rest of our Christmas shopping and this week we will be making some cards to deliver next Saturday to friends in Sanpete. We are making a special surprise delivery there for Jeff's Aunt Elaine.. she has been on his mind this week and he was inspired to send her to the Meryl Haggard Concert (she is his best fan!!) Jeff is excited to share something special for her as he feels she is almost to the end of her life and wanted to do something for her.
We also went to the Christmas light drive through on Sunday and it was so much fun, the kids sang carols and giggled and laughed the whole evening and that is just the best part of Christmas to me.
There is still the sale going on my store for the end of this week and then online store is going until the end of December... I am hoping for a few more sales and looking forward to bringing in some of the new lines that will be coming out for CHA.. hope that we will be able to do some... wish me luck!!!
Hope everyone enjoys the week before Christmas and that you have a great Holiday!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone

First let me appologize to anyone who visited my blog and saw the annonymous commentors spam.. I have now changed the settings so that this will not occur again hopefully.. What are people thinking!!!!!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season and not as stressed out about it as I tend to get every year. This year I have decided not to do homemade gifts, which has helped me out but, honestly I am missing that part of the season.. I will most likely try to start earlier next year and go ahead and do it again.
We are almost done with our shopping, the little ones are finished and the older 2 here at home are just getting a few little things and then money to go shopping the day after Christmas.. We are excited for that day and always enjoy the after season shopping.. It has become a tradition over the years.
It sure is different this year without Savana here but, she is so happy and even though their lives become stressful with all the new married type things, they are doing awesome and having a great life.. it is awesome to have them so close as well.
I am having a huge sale in my store and trying to get some inventory reduced and be able to update the store with new product in January.. It has been a busy day today and the website store is doing pretty good with the sale as well. Check out the forums for details in the announcement section.
I am really enjoying my new CT's and trying to keep up during the holidays, I will be glad to get back to a normal routine after they are finished and then get back on a schedule.
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and Merry Christmas everyone!!