Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A few Layouts today: One of my dreams has always been to be a makeup artist. I love playing during Halloween holiday with latex and this year attempted to make a full on face scar. This was one of them I did. I used this layout as the journaling challenge at PBP for May. It was to scrap about a dream and journal explaining the dream. credits: Stars of Halloween, Tinci, Template is Stars of Halloween as well by Tinci My 2 grandsons discovering the treasures the sea left in the little tide pools. Their first trip to the beach! credits, Blue Awakening, Laura Burger Designs https://www.pickleberrypop.com/shop/...t=0&page=1 My oldest daughter with her little family at Hotel Del in San Diego showing her little ones the beach for the first time. credits: Blue Awakening, Laura Burger Designs, https://www.pickleberrypop.com/shop/...t=0&page=1

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A few layouts to share today: First one is called : I love Shamu: This layout is for the recipe challenge at PBP for May. Sierra is my youngest granddaughter and while we were in San Diego we took them to Sea World. She absolutely went crazy during the shamu show. She loved it..clapped and screamed and entertained everyone around her more than the show itself! Credits: Pickleberry Pop blog kit for May Flergs: spookilicious Dawn Inskip: template and word art Laura Burger Designs: various elements Next one is called: Ready to Play: TJ, my grandson, loves to play with everyone's shoes if they are left laying around. Here he is walking in his aunt Kassi's shoes. Credits: Games we play, Laura Burger Designs And then the last one is called Strategy: For Christmas this past year we bought our grandsons each a dart gun. Tyson loved shooting at anything but the target, He was thrilled when he hit the mirror and the big family photo in the family room right off the bat Credits: games we play, Laura Burger Designs

Friday, May 17, 2013

Having a mom in cosmetology has its perks, but, it also means you have to be a model for several trial runs in the field. Kassi is always eager to help me learn by being my model to practice on. This is her helping me out to get ready for a fantasy makeup class I had to teach. Credits: Wild Child in a good way, Laura Burger Designs, Template is Tinci's May template challenge which is available at PBP ! Font is spacey. Wild Child in a good way is in the pickle barrel!!! Savana and here little one in San Diego at the beach. Sierra had such a good time and mommy loved showing her the beach. Credits: Wild Child in a good way, Laura Burger Designs, available in the pickle barrel at PBP Font is swing

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This is for the font challenge at PBP. I used the kit 100% cuteness by Laura Burger Designs and a template by Dawn Inskip. This is my oldest son with my youngest daughter on a cruise that we went on a few years ago. I have always loved the photo and found it to be a perfect match for the awesome kit. font is: aquarelle You can find the kit here: https://www.pickleberrypop.com/shop/...keep_https=yes
Here are a couple layouts I did with one of Laura Burger Designs. The kit is called A Mother's Love and is being sold at SBB.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Precious Dancer

This is my youngest daughter Kassi, she loves to dance and this is at one of her competitions this year. The kit I used is calle Celebration of Love by Laura Burger Designs which is one of the most gorgeous kits I have worked with. The elements and papers are perfect for the photos of special memories. I also used a template by Dawn Inskip. Here is a link to Laura's new kit, Celebration of Love: https://www.pickleberrypop.com/shop/...t=0&page=1
My precious granddaughter Sierra-Anne in one of the dresses my mum made for her mommy's dolls before she passed away. Sierra was small enough to fit into it for a few short weeks after she was born. I used Laura Burger's new kit, Celebration of Love. This kit has delicate and beautiful elements and papers. Perfect for those special memories. I started with a template but only ended up using a piece with the stripe paper, the template was a Dawn Inskip design. Here is a link to Laura's new kit, Celebration of love: https://www.pickleberrypop.com/shop/...t=0&page=1

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Grandkids are definately a wonderful part of the circle of our lives. Granddaughters are that sweet little extra to that circle. Sierra, 2013 I used the awesome kit called Honored to be Friends by Laura Burger available at PBP https://www.pickleberrypop.com/shop/...amp;amp;page=1

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I am going to be creating layouts for Laura Burger Designs now and here are a few that I have done so far. First 2 are done using the kit named Teen Scene and it can be purchased here: It just so happens that it is 40% off right now as well... so hurry in and get it while you can. Here are a couple layouts to show what I did with them. The next one that I have to share for now is from the amazing new kit called Honored to be Friends and can be purchased at Pickle Berry Pop here: Here is a layout that I did last night with it: That's all for now but, I will have more today that I will share then. Thanks for visiting my blog today! T