Friday, March 31, 2006

Tammy tagged me...

5 snacks I enjoy:
a. sweedish fish mmmm love them
b. cadbury eggs
c. pepsi
d. pretzels
e. m & m's

5songs to which I know all the lyrics:
a. I am a child of God
b. How Great thou Art
c. This Kiss.. Faith Hill
d. Who are you ... the Who
e. Open Arms... Journey

5things I would do if I were a multi-millionaire:
a. pay off my house
b. travel travel travel
c. send money to Kassi and Joshua's orphanages
d. host an amazing Scrapbook convention free!
e. buy me a "Bug"

5 bad habits:
a. spending too much money
b. sleeping in
c. procrastinating
d. yelling
e. not keeping up on laundry

5 things I like doing:
a. traveling
b. scrapping
c. shopping
d. hanging out with my family
e. playing on the computer

5things I would never wear, buy or get new again:
a. high heels.. hate em!!!
b. fishnet nylons!!! hehehe
c. tube tops.. never ever ever!!!
d. snakes.. Jeff and I had them when we first got married.. glad we don't anymore..
e. no name laundry soap.. just doesnt do the job!!

5 favorite toys:
a. my laptop
b. my store
c. TTS!
d. my camera
e. my cell phone

5 people you will tag:

a. Joni
b. JustTrish
c. Lori
d. Dawn McD
e. Rachel

Monday, March 27, 2006


Another busy day.. trying to get things caught up.. sometimes life is too busy!!!
The dog seems to be doing pretty good today.. we only had one accident!!! whhoooooohooooo... hoping to keep up the good routine.
I have been printing off pictures the last hour to get some of my kits put together and reliving the wedding as that is what I am printing.. what a great day it was.. the pictures are so much fun to look at and I will enjoy doing this book. I have done mostly digi ones of her bridals but, look forward to some paper scrapping of them as well.
The ones of Jeff and Savana are priceless and bring tears to my eyes. She looks so grown up!!
I was a bit disappointed that there werent any pictures of her and I together and not sure how that happened as both of us thought that some were taken. I know that there were some of her and Adele taken as well and there isn't any of them alone together either. She was a bit disappointed with that as well. There are some really good ones of her with both Adele and Dad though and they will be nice.
Nick comes home in two weeks.. I can't believe he has been gone for 2 years already.. so much has changed and how great it will be to see him again. I know that he has done a fantastic job with his mission and that lives were changed because of him including his own. What a blessing he is to our family!!!



Sunday, March 26, 2006


We had a really fun day today, we went to the mall and I got a new leather jacket and hung out there for a bit with the kids and then went to the pet store.. Kacee bought her a new little cockatiel and Bug bought him a camileion (I know I spelled that wrong!!)
On the way home we stopped and looked at new golden retriever puppies and ended up getting one of those as well.. so now we went from owning no animals to owning a zoo again!!!
The kids are loving life and I am hoping to make sure the dog stays potty trained!!! He is paper trained now so, probably should be easier.
I did a layout digi with Bella's new Easter kit on the way there and will post it at the websites tomorrow. I am still further behind than I would like to be with that but, worse on getting things for the store done, so will be working this week more on paper scrapping for the upload on Friday. 7-Gypsies sponsored the website and their stuff is so much fun to play with ...I am really enjoying it.
I have to mail off cj's tomorrow as well and finish the store upc codes for the websites online store.. So it will be another busy week!!
The kids are getting ready to play monopoly so I am going to go be entertained by them... lol

Saturday, March 25, 2006


just checking to see if I am doing this right.. before I head to bed...
I am going to try this again... can't believe I lost my info and couldn't get it to work again so here goes a different one.

My oldest is now married.. so wierd to have a dd that is married. She is having the time of her life and really enjoying being a mom to his kids and loves being married. I am so happy for her.

My other kids are so busy.. wow will life ever slow down.. I am not to sure!! Bug was able to do a drama competition and took first in region.. he now will compete state level and is very excited. He started his piano again this week and it is so good to hear the music throughout the house. The seminary asked him to play for them during a meeting they are having and he worked on it today too.. so fun to hear.

Kacee is soo busy with work... she has really had way too many hours this last couple of weeks for a teen going to school.. I hope now that prom and dances are over that she will be able to go back to a normal schedule.

Soccer starts soon for Josh and Kassi and they are both excited especially since our family is going to be the coaches!! Not sure how that will go but, last year it was good so hopefully it will be fun again.

Summer is almost here!!!! Yah!! I am so looking forward to the warmer weather and time with the kids again.. We have a trip planned for Vegas already and that will be tons of fun for them. We are hoping to do more camping this year too. I am hoping to really have some good quality time with them this year.

The store is getting close to being ready to go online and this week has been so busy putting all the data into the system for it. I am excited to get it online though and hopefully it will go well. I did all the page kits for April today and they will be getting into the website newsletter the next couple of days.. I still need to put mine together but, the information is done and the actual kits are ready to go, just need my examples of the three I am doing this month.. time has gotten away from us this week and we seem to be scrambling again to get it all ready in time..

Looking forward to the first of the month and another online crop with the site.. wow it will be so much fun this time as I wasnt able to participate too much last time around.
I hope that everyone will enjoy it. The site is a blast and even though it is so much work I am really loving to get to know so many great people.

I had to resign from the jungle, as I just couldnt keep up and it was a hard decision and I will miss it terribly but, it is for the best and I will enjoy being just a member there again. I need to get some more of the bella gypsy kits put together now that the new easter line is out.. it is so much fun and cant wait to work with it.. hopefully this week I can have some time to do some more digi scrapping as well.

well so much for just a short note.. hope to be able to keep this one up this time around.
crazy T