Thursday, April 20, 2006


big changes are happening on the website now..we are getting ready for the store to go online, we will be having our big huge birthday party in June and there will be a big surprise in the newsletter for everyone in May.
I am excited for all the changes and excitement that will be happening. I am hopeing that we will have continued success and keep growing and growing. I am thrilled with all the dt members that I have, they are awesome and work so hard and because of them the site is a successful site. Thanks girls if you are reading this!
As for personal life...
Joshua started soccer yesterday and Kassi decided she wants to play as well.. I got suckered into coaching.. don't know how but , my brothers are all helping me out and we had our first game with alot of fun.. it was great to be surrounded by my brothers and see their support.
Joshua had a ton of fun and Kassi had to go to a dance practice and was a bit disappointed that she couldn't play but, she loves her dance and will be ready next week to play for sure!
Kacee is doing much better in school and really working on her attitude.. I am so proud of her..
Bug, is just so busy, he is always doing something to help others and make his talent grow!! He was asked to play at a district meeting for a women's civic league and that is a great thing for him to do..
Savana is doing really great in her new role as a mom and wife. I am so proud of her and all that she does. It is overwhelming at times for her but, she is doing such a great job and it is a hard job to do!!
I am truely blessed...

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