Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just one more day!!!

and we will have all the applicants for the dt call on TTS... wow there are some talented gals out there in the world!!!
It has been so much fun to browse through galleries, look and watch the growth of the site through these talented women and get to know each of them a bit more.
I really do struggle with this part of the job... Trying to narrow it down to what I think will help the site the most is truely a hard decision as there are so many that would do fantastic.
This is our first year anniversary coming up next month and wow.. the site has completely blown me away.. It is so much fun to be a part of something that I love so much.
We went through applicants for about 2 hours last night and sorted into piles of the ones that are for sure and those that we are still watching.. The next few days we will watch the site for activity from everyone, see how they show off their work and more importantly their desire to be here with us and then hopefully make the right decisions. I am so excited to have a full team again and be able to really enjoy all the challenges and events coming up.
June will be the big BIRTHDAY party with a online crop, tons of challenges, an unreal amount of prizes and give aways, chats and more. And of course the debut of our online store!!!!
The online store is really close, we downloaded the data to the store front last night and now are starting to take pictures and add descriptions and catagorize all the product. This will take a couple of weeks I think, and then wala!!! I can't wait!!!!
My store here at home is really kicking off too... I had my first month not in the red, since I opened this month!!! I am so proud. After 6 years, finally a profit.. not much of one but, not in the red!!!! whhohooooo!! Starting a business from scratch is such a gamble but, I really do enjoy it and am having hope that it will take off now.
Kids are almost done with school!!! I can't wait to have them home for the summer... It is so much fun to have them around, most of the time,, hehehe.. Next week on Tuesday the littlest ones are going to the zoo for field trip and I am going to go with them.. they just don't stay little very long and I really need to grasp the opportunities when they come up.. I am learning that now that my oldest is married and a mommy of her own.
Well, enough rambling, bragging and what nots, I have a class at the senior center in an hour and want to get more work done on the store front... so chat agan tomorrow!!


Susan Blanton said...

Whoo! Not in the red, to cool. Hope the on line store does well to, I'm so excited to see it go up.

Christi said...

Congrats on the store and site being so successful!!! It truly is my new favorite place to hang out on the web!!! pile am I in??? *snicker*

share said...

can't wait to see who will be a part of the team...I love this team!!! xoxoxo

Breana said...

that;s gotta be a great feeling be out of the red! congrats! I do can't wait to see who you have chosen for the DT!

ploogiea said...

I'm sooo glad you made a profit this year T! I really admire women who own businesses--I don't know how you guys do it! AWESOME!