Monday, July 03, 2006

Exciting things happening this week at TTS

All the new challenges are starting to appear for July!!! I find it so fun to watch in amazement the gallery fill with sponsor product, the new challenges that are made by the totally talented DT we have and the fun responses to the newsletter.
Dawn has a great challenge that you can do and you get some awesome free word art just for playing.. I have printed them out on transperancy and going to do the photos that were taken on Memorial Day at the cemetary where Jeff's dad is buried. They line the whole cemetary each year with flags and it is the most awesome site to see. One also shows his Dad's most favorite site of the Horseshoe Mountain in one of the photos and the reason he wanted to be buried there were these two spectacular sites.
We are headed to see the fireworks in Logan tonight and not to sure what is going to happen the rest of the Holiday but, I am looking forward to just spending the day with family and having a great time..
I finished some cards last night for our Relief Society for the Birthdays and used the Sketch challenge that Terry gave on TTS.... It was perfect for the cards and I am excited to see that she put a new sketch up today... so don't forget to check it out...
Other challenges that have been made so far for the month at TTS are:
Susan's Challenges Challenge: Come on let's have fun and do these Challenges for the month of July.
The person who completes the MOST Challenges in the month of July will get a RAK From me! So post on this thread when you complete a CHALLENGE. At the end of the month I will see who has completed the Most CHALLENGES!
Breana's Today's Challenge: So what I mean by 'scrap today' challenge is this...
Pick a specific time one day this week for example today i'm picking 11:36am, i'm going to walk around my house take pictures of things lying around, the clock, what the girls are doing and so on. The i'm going to come print my pictures and scrap them! I love this idea (from Ali Edwards) because it scraps YOUR life now! I love that scrappin doesn't always have to be about an event or milestone, it can be about LIFE NOW! So that's my challenge for you all this month. You have until July 31, ENJOY!
Susan's Patriotic Challenge: I'm in the mood for those Patriotic Layouts. So let's see them. Let's see American Flags, Patriotic Clothing, Symbols, Fireworks, you name! These can either be Digital or Paper.
Angela's stamp challenge: Alright ladies, here's the stamping challenge for July--again, use any stamp, BUT no ink or paint allowed!!! Your creation must be stamped with something else! Try coffee, bleach, kool-aid or anything else that you can think of---just NO INK or PAINT!
Trish's Gallery challenge: Check in here with your gallery post count and the first one to add 100 to their count wins .
There are also sketches by Trish and Share up and blogger do's etc...
So much fun at TTS!!! so come and join us everyone!!


Susan Blanton said...

I'm ready for another great month. Lots of great challenges to do.

Diana said...

I'm up for these challenges this month with the free time I have!

Dawn said...

woohoo, so many fun things happening at TTS. I am gonna try that card challenge too. I hope you had a wonderful Holiday.

Trish said...

Am so hyped by all the great challenges! Because of them I have been trying out so many new techniques. I absolutely LOVE TTS!