Thursday, August 10, 2006

I am soooooo EXCITED!!!

It has been a very awesome week!!!
I tried out for a couple of CT in the digi world this week.. got the courage up finally and decided what the heck...
Well, guess what!!!
Both of them said YES!!!! Oh my was I fainting, doing somersaults, frieking out and anything else you can imagine when I got the emails...
I was completley shocked and sooooooooo excited!!! Jeff even asked me if I needed to have him bring home some "chill" pills!!!hehehe
So while I am hyperventalating, Carole emails me with a subject line of "want another ct team" open up the email and she said that one of the teams she is on would like to know if I would join them... Holy Jeepers!!!
I got on THREE teams in one day!!!
so... here are my new teams that I am so thrilled to be a part of and kinda scared to DEATH about!!!
Misty Cato
Jennifer Trippetti
Shelby Digital Designs
Can I just say!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am honored and to be truely honest Scared to Death!!!
I have done a few layouts already and you can see them in my gallery at TTS.. check them out and leave some love if you don't mind!!
As for news at TTS.. wow is all I can say.. we are so lucky to have such an awesome group there.
The challenges are awesome, the gals just plain RAWK and the gallery is the best on the web for REAL!!!
We got some great news this week as well.
Cosmo Cricket, the fab new paper company, is actually co-partnered with our "best" guy scrapping Bud Leslie, formerly of SEI.. we found out this week and Wendi and I get to go on a tour of the warehouse, pick out our product and they are going to be sponsoring TTS!!!! we are soooooo excited about this one and know it will be an awesome adventure.. So.. thanks so much Lindsay for once again having faith in the little people!!!
I just recieved the Transparencies from our wonderful DT gal Kimberly Archer and they will be showing up in the store this week.. make sure you check them out as they are the coolest things ever!!! Kim, you are just one awesome designer!!
The kits for August are up and almost sold out of a few of them.. so if you are on the fence about which one to buy make sure you hurry!!! they have really picked up this month and we are so grateful to everyone for supporting us..
We will be having a yard sale to get funds for the website on August 19th here at the house so all you local gals reading this dont miss out!!! It will be awesome and you won't find better deals anywhere!!! wish us luck on this one!!
On the family side of things,
Bug finally got his Drivers permit and we have been braving the roads teaching him to drive.. holy cow has it been interesting!!!
Joshua started football a couple of weeks ago and is loving it and Kassi started back to dance this week and is in 7th heaven!!
Kacee and Lisa are enjoying spending time together and been school shopping and almost ready for it to begin.. Bug has actually been the funniest to watch this year.. he has decided it is time to "grow-up" and his whole attire has changed.. He bought more clothes than all the rest of the kids put together.. and can I just say.. wow this kid is good-looking!!!
so... life here is as usual never quiet and always CRAZY... but then this is the life of Crazy T!!!
thanks for your support everyone..


Susan Blanton said...

Congrat on The CT's. Cool About going to the Whareshouse. That should be a blast. And hope the yardsale goes well. I sure would come if I lived there.

Peggy said...

WOW!! You are one AWESOME lady!! I don't know how you do it all!!! I wish I had some of your "superpowers"!!

Congrats on the Creative Teams! YOU ROCK SISTA'!

Breana said...

i am so excited for you T! these new teams are super lucky to have ya!

Dawn said...

T I am soo happy for your new CT's I told you you rocked! Cool about the warehouse. Sounds like a fun busy time at your house!

Trish said...

Well deserved I must say! You are an awesome talent!!! Isn't life exciting!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you do have a busy life T! Where do you find the energy?! Congrats on the CT's! That's awesome!!

Jamie said...

So happy for you T on your new teams, you are gonna do awesome, wish I was cloer to come to the sale....Darn it...

Tammy Brownlee said...


Kimberly said...

Congratulations T! This is just awesome. One day, I will go for the Digital Scrapping! Let us know how the yardsale went!