Friday, October 12, 2007


ugh... she knew how behind I am in updating this poor blog.. so I am supposed to give you 7 random facts that are unusual about me .. then tag 7 people.. sooooo... since about that is how many people look at this actual blog.. consider yourself tagged!!!!! And leave me some love that you were here too...

1. I would rather go shopping with my dh than any friend.. yup... clothes too!!!

2. I am secretly (ok.. not really a secret) in LOVE with Sean Connery!!!

3. I have 2 grandkids and one of them is older than my youngest 2!!!!

4. I like to wear Victoria Pink collection clothes!!!

5. I would love love love to go on a Scrapbook Cruise

6. I have a pet peeve about hotel showers.. the curtains drive me insane!!!

7. I hated and I mean HATED highschool!!!!

now for some good stuff.. wanna see some fun layouts I have been working on this month...

This one is using Laura Burgers kits... Just love her work.. go and check out my gallery here at TTS to see full credits..

I have the amazing opportunity to be a Guest Hawt Mama for Traci Reed and I am loving it.. This is one of her awesome kits..
check out my gallery at TTS to see full credits..

This one is long over due.. Last Years Jr. Prom for Bug.. I really love how it turned out.. Also a kit by Traci Reed.. Check out my gallery for full credits at TTS.

Junianas made a kit just for me!!!! I so love this kit and also used some from Traci Reed called Vibrant that matches perfectly together.. Junianas' kit is called Tracys Wish and is available at TTS and she even has a freebie add on to match it!! Special thanks to you Steffi!

Now make sure to check out my gallery here at TTS

And of course the BEST digi store on the web!!!! TTS DIGI STORE


NancyJones said...

hhehehe BLAME DI she started it HAHAHAHAHA Love your 7 things

Karla-Lifesong said...

I understand how busy life can get so its a good thing you got tagged hee hee. You have done a wonderful job on your layouts and I enjoyed my visit!

Sherry said...

Hi! It was nice to "meet" you!

thumper6423 said...

Love the layouts! The kids looks so grown up in the Jr. Prom one.

Peta said...

Hi, love your LO's chicky..nice work!! Diddo to the Scrapboooking Cruise..When are we

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Ya Tracy
Terrific layouts...let me know the time and place for your scrapbook

Best wishes

twinsand2boys said...

cute layouts T!

Dawn said...

oh man well we will pretend I tagged you first and this is your answers , cause I just tagged ya too!