Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Kit is out FINALLY!~!

Whohohoo you can now get the kit for Trevor and Savana and it is so beautiful... There have been so many people working so hard for this and so much has happened this last month that I think those involved are going to just sleep for a month while you all enjoy the great kit.
Great news for Trevor is that his job was willing to work with him and transferred him to a shift that was perfect for him to be able to do his new dialysis and therefor be able to keep the huge need of his Insurance.. We are so thrilled with this as it is so important to have that 2nd insurance.. WE hope that by the end of December he will be able to be on the list.
That is great news for everyone...
Make sure that you visit TTS and look at the awesome work the girls have done with layouts for Savana and Trevor.. the are amazing!!!!!

Thanks so much everyone!!!

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Dawn said...

That is awesome news! So glad to hear the people at his place of employment worked with him and he is able to keep his job! And the kit is FANTASTIC!