Monday, May 19, 2008

Update Update Update...

Months are just screaming by tooo fast for me to keep up.. But, a long over due post is needed and so here I am.

The first thing that everyone always asks about it Trevor so I will update you there first.
Trevor is still hanging in there as best as possible but, honestly is body is really giving out. He had a seizure this morning when his sugar dropped and that has Savana very panicked as she is so afraid to leave him alone. His sugar is dropping in seconds without warning about 5 times a day and there is nothing that has worked in stabalizing that unfortunately. I have had to go over about 3 times a week in mornings that Savana is working and he doesnt answer the phone and found him unconscience. I still am not used to this site as it is so scarry and it is definately a hard emotion to go through but, we have been blessed to be able to get him out of them so far and feel very grateful for this. He plain and simple needs that transplant and soon!!!! Thank you everyone for your support and prayers as they are very much needed and felt.

I have been super busy this month with the paper store and starting the classes that we decided to add to it. We have been thrilled with the response and have had a lot of fun despite the long hours and repetition of classes. Make sure that you check them out at the paper store as we keep them posted there. Most are even available for shipping.

The digi store is on fire at TTS... wow do we have some amazing designers and I am just thrilled with all their hard work and dedication... I truely feel honored to know and work with them. Wendi has done such a fabulous job keeping them all updated and going and I never could do all this without her.. She RAWKS!!!!

Last but, definately not least... Happy Happy Birthday to my DD Kacee!!!!! she is 19 today and it is hard to believe that 19 years ago today a little 3 lb girl entered my life.. what a blessing it is to have her with me on the site and part of our life... Bug has just walked in the door singing to her!!!!!

Here is a copy of the ad for the week!!!!

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emily said...

Happy bday, Kacee! Wow...19? Is that possible?

Am sending all the positive vibes and prayers I can muster that a transplant is just around the corner for Trevor. Can't imagine how hard this must be for all of you, especially Savannah. Keep the faith. I'm sure it will work out.