Thursday, July 10, 2008

I have a Disease!!!!!!

I want to tell you about a recently discovered (by me) syndrome – Craft Attention Hyperactivity Disorder, or C.A.H.D.

Symptoms include flitting from one craft pursuit to the next, creating stuff like crazy, and making a huge mess in your craft area (that would be the ‘disorder’ part)." Found on Tamara Morrison's Blog

I discovered today the name of my disease!!!! has anyone else got it? whohoooo I feel so good knowing its name and that other people have it too!!!! hehehe

I am taking an online class this summer by Stacy Jillian at BPS and the instructer this week shared the disease on her blog.. I instantly felt happy to know that there is a name!!!!

How is summer going for you all gals... are you as busy and swamped as I am... Life has got to slow down soon heehee .. but then what Fun would that be right!!
Hope everyone is doing good and I am off to check out TTS for the day!


Holly said...

I'm not alone! :)

AZAnjanette said...

OMG I have CAHD too! Thank god we can now tell our husbands what is really wrong with us. LOL


Hope you and the ladies are doing well! miss you all!

twinsand2boys said...

Hey havent updated for a while LOL..

Go to my blog, I have tagged you!

twinsand2boys said...

T, you never did my tag...its back a page or two by now.