Thursday, January 08, 2009

What a Week!!

Wow what a whirlwind week this has been... Kassi has been sick off and on for about a week.. she seemed better yesterday so I sent her to school.. She came home from school and had a really red hot rash all over her stomach, legs and arms... I was sooo upset for sending her to school... This morning it was worse so we called the dr and got her in.. yup, she has strep.. I am one of those people who get so irritated when people send their kids to school sick knowing they are sick.. and her I send Kassi.. of course I didn't know but I feel horrible to have sent her. She also has very very sensitive skin and so we need to get her a medication for that and change to dye free soaps and a lotion to help with the dryness during the winter months...poor little one.. I feel so bad for her.. On the plus side I think that through this we might have found a better dr..I was impressed with him and so was Jeff. He was super nice and very thorogh.

Now for some TTS news.. there is a big big secret that is going to be revealed next month and I am sooooo excited about it... I can't wait for the reveal and really hope that this will help us change things for the better with all that has happened this last few months. I am excited to have a start over and looking forward to the challenges that it will bring. So make sure that you check often there as there will be some major changes starting in about 2 weeks... whohohooooooooo

Again, another shout out to all those gals at TTS helping out.. Nancy, Laura, you two are amazing.. I have never seen two people work so hard to pull things back up so quickly and do it so successfully. I appreciate and love all my gals there but these two really have gone over the top to make things ok... thank you all sooo very much!!! you will be happy with all the new surprizes coming to us..

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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

YAY!!! AWESOME things happening ALL the way around!!!

I am awaiting with GREAT anticipation my getting into the TTS forum, store, etc.! I've been goinog NUTSO!!! LOL!

Dell tech arrived around noonish, installed the new hard drive and now it's just going to take some TIME to continue restoring files and getting things back to how they need to be for me to ROCK 'N ROLL!

Okay, you've got me on PINS and NEEDLES now "T", wondering WHATEVER the surprise shall be!!! Good think I LOVE the element of surprise, eh?

I am still under the weather as and funny you mentioned Kassi having strep. Seems to be a lot of it going around and I hope that is NOT what I have as my throat has been bothering me and I've lost my voice twice the past few days! Weird, but anyhoo I am SO happy that SWEET Kassi is on the mend and that you've found a BETTER doctor who takes his doctoring seriously via treatment of his patients. It almost sounds like Kassi has the same condition I dealt with in my younger years - poor babe.

Here's looking forward to a BRIGHT and MOST exciting new year, starting NOW!!!

Love atcha girlie,
Linda :)