Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ammonia Scare.. 4/23

So Monday night I decided to take the kids on a walk about 8:00.. all went fine.. no biggie, I thought.. ugh.. Got almost home and started to have this burning and itching sensation all over my arms and back.. so as soon as I got home I hopped in the shower but, then I started to break out in hives by now I was really hurting and not too happy.. couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. I had a really strong taste in my mouth and burning in my nose as well. I took a valium that I had left over from one of my surgeries because I couldn't find any dang benedryl.. About 9:20 Jeff came home and I was not in good shape at all, he found the benedryl which of course was right under my nose and I took 2 of those. I then decided to try to sleep and lie down and took the rest of my nightly meds.. one just happens to be ambien.. right as I swallow it Jeff says.. ummm don't take your ambien.. oops.. soooo... Yes I slept very well and into the next mid morning actually... Tuesday I was still burning and itching and then we figured out what it was.. There is a farmer here by us that has one of the ammonia tanks for his fields he uses. I must have had a reaction to it (I have had them before) and not realized.. ugh... not a fun couple of days!!!

Soo.. today I had to go to the dentist.. as many of you know this is one of my greatest fears.. I despise going and am well known to pull my own tooth out instead of going.. but, I did it.. got a crown on and scheduled for my next set of work. I also have to go back to the specialist today for repairs on my bone graph that was done last year.. the dentist walked me over to the specialist office and said.. get her in today so she can't get out of it.. haha

At least it can't be worse right!!!!

ok.. I am off my complaining box and ready to hear something good.. so let me at it!!

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