Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First week of School

I just finished my second day of school.. I have only burned my thumb a little bit, honest!!!! I learned how to use those funky curling irons today and do my first hairstyle and manicure.. Everyone is super nice and it seems like a really fun place to be and learn.

Jeff sent me flowers on my first day to the school and everyone was way jealous and can't wait to meet him.. He is coming to have lunch with me tomorrow.. whohoooohoooo..

Savana got her 3D ultrasound yesterday too and came to the school to show me pictures of our little T.J. Yup he is all boy and I am soooo excited to have this experience. Daddy (Trevor) went straight to cabella's and bought him a camoflauge onesie and p.j.s and of course a bottle and binky to match.. hehe..
I found some cute little converse shoes with puppy dogs on them too.. oh my the kid is going to be spoiled!!!!
Welcome to the family Travis Earl John. We love you so much all ready..

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