Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Talked with Bug

Via yahoo messanger that is..haha ...oh it was so awesome... I didn't get a letter this week though because we spent the whole alloted time he had talking instead..now that is better in my opinion.
He is doing great and loving being a zone leader even though it is a bit "stressful" at times he said. He is a bit worried about coming home but, looking forward to spending time chillin with the family. Only 6 more months to go!!!

I made some business cards today and got them ready to be shipped..whohooo
I also got a few new things from victoria secret, pants and capris as I am finally out of the size of pants I have and needed some smaller ones. I also got a new toy this weekend called a Nook.. so much fun, got a couple of books for it and of course downloaded the Tabitha Coffey book which I am so stoked to read.

Josh went to scout camp last week and it was sure quiet without him here..even Kassi was glad to have him back home! She leaves for girls camp in another couple of weeks and that just seems so weird to me..she is NOT old enough, is she?

Went to the fireworks last night with Savana and her family and got to play with the boys..they are growing so fast and so dang adorable! We also went to Sanpete for the 4th of July weekend and Jeff and his brother went fishing. I went photo hunting and got some awesome pictures of some deer that are definately glad it is finally popping something to eat out of the ground now. Hopefully they will all stalk up fast for the winter season. I will add a couple of photos that I took while there.

I also uploaded a few make-up looks I did at the school last week and taught cosmos how to do in the studio. I really love the new 2 kids that I get to teach an hour class to each day.. it is turning out to be really fun.

Pivot Point is coming the middle of the month and I have mixed emotions about them coming as I have to miss the family reunion to Yellowstone because of it but, it will be a great opportunity to learn and grow in my career.

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