Sunday, January 08, 2012

12 days!!!

Bug will be home in 12 days, can you believe it? At church today talking with the counselor in the bishopric I had a little bit of heart failure while making arrangements for his homecoming...what if he is disappointed in me, what if he wants to turn and run the other direction...what if...what if...sigh...I am really holding my breath and hoping that all will be well and he will be as excited to spend time with us as much as I am.. Or at least a little. One of the things I need to work on is self doubt and realizing I am of worth and I am sure that part of these feelings are just a way for the adversary to put me down.. Being a mom that my kids were happy with and proud of has always been my hope, I am defiantly one of the most blessed women as my kids are all amazing and such great individuals..

So....January 20 th. 7:15 will change a little bit all over again...I can't wait for this change!!
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