Thursday, June 01, 2006

What an Exciting 2 days!!!!

I so intended on coming her yesterday to announce out wonderful new team to you and by the time I setteled down enough to be able to post, it was 11:00 pm and I couldn't stay away any longer....
So... A day late and a dollar short the saying goes... But, Here is our wonderfuly additions to our Team!!! Thanks so much to everyone who applied,.. You truely are all amazing and talented!!

Welcome Welcome to TTS:
Christi Husk aka My2apps
Kimberly Archer aka kimberlyatlga
Jamie Gavin aka Jamie
Breana Arvin aka Breana
Gail Ptach aka mooselovingmamabear
Terry McAuliffe aka Terry Scraps
Julie McCauley aka momofgjc
Peggy Gottschua aka Peggy
Angela Ploegman aka ploogiea
Paige Eckenfels aka pagebypaige
Di Hickman aka spot on
Susan Blanton aka ScrappySueBee
Carole Hoefling aka Carole

They are already at hard work making the site new with challenges, games and contests and the site is hopping!!!! The gallery is amazing!!! And we have our bday party online crop in just a couple of weeks....

We also have an amazing Guest DT this month.. She has been a dedicated TTS member since the very beginning and we are honered to have her with us for the month!!!
Trish Drake aka JustTrish

Don't forget to come and visit us everyone.. and as always thanks for you support!!


Di (Spot-On) said...

thanks for the warm welcome Tracy!
look forward to working with ya!


Susan Blanton said...

So excited to be a part of the awesome team. Thanks T!

Dawn said...

I am soo excited about the crop! and all of our new team mates! Thanks T for the fun place to play!

Trish said...

No, thank you for a most awesome site!! Looking forward to the crop!!!