Saturday, November 18, 2006

updating the NEWS finally

I seem to be so behind lately and having a hard time catching up on the little things like this poor blog..
I do have some really awesome news to share and have had this whole month, so decided it is about time to get over here and spill it...

I have added to my siggie line and am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with some new teams.
They all came the same day and it flipped me out too!! I am thrilled, honored and skeared to death!!!! but, excited to have more to play with..
Here are my newest additions!!!

Sodypop Designs... a great lady, Brenda, designs such fabulous and fun kits to play with.. I love that she has such a huge variety of both boy and girl themed kits as well as everyday ones that are amazing.. She sells at SBE, make sure you check them out as the are wonderful!!!

Kim Johnson and Tamara Dantes... Kim asked Wendi and I to join her team after the ATD team sponsored TTS last month.. I had so much fun with her kits and at the chat I was honored and so excited to get to work with her more. She sells at ATD and Tamara also sells at 3 Scrapateers and Digidivas..
It has been really fun to get to know Kim more, she is such a sweet and wonderfully fun gal and I am loving playing on her team!!

Rina Kroes... wow, can I just say!!!! WOW!!!! her kits are stunning, fantastic and GORGEOUS. She is a good friend of Misty and talked with her and I was reccommended by Misty, can I just say I am sooooo honored and thrilled to be a part of her team.. Her work is so fantastic.. You can find it at SBE and 3 Scrapateers.. You won't be disappointed looking through her designs!

I will share some layouts that I have done with each of the teams this week if I have more time.. I am getting myself organized and planned out to be able to keep up with my responsibilities and having such a great time gettting to know more people and do what I love, create layouts for my family!!!
thanks for giving me the chance gals!!!


Susan Blanton said...

Congrats on the new CT's. I so know what ya mean about being busy.

Trish said...

Congrats Tracy! Your work is awesome!!!