Monday, January 21, 2008

Update on Trevor

Well.. Trevor ended up in the ICU unit this week.. He started to have Grand Mall Seizures, with Blood Pressure 244/180 at one point.
He got sent down to the IMC hospital on early Monday morning about 4:00 am after not being able to do anything here.. they started at the hospital here in town at 2:00 am
He was in ICU until yesterday and now in a regular room.. They have done major drug changes and increases to help the bp and he has to go at least 24 hours without spiking bp to be able to go home.
The transplant at this point has been put on hold, he might have to start at the bottom of the list again but, there is a difference of opinions as of today between nepherologists as to the cause of the bp spiking and so they will be meeting about this decision this week aparantely.
It has been a very trying and scarry week to say the least. He is doing well now though, thank heavens to many many prayers. We appreciate your support and love so much.
Savana is doing pretty good. I talked her into coming home at night the first two days but then nurses werent checking his blood sugars and giving him his medications on time etc and she wouldnt leave him after that. She told me that yesterday he was watching the football game and doing the happy dance (literally) because his team was winning and was wishing she had a video camera of him shaking his tushy...He is back to his spunky self and making sure that the staff knows he wants to go home so that is a good sign.
There was no permanent damage to the seizures, luck again, but for a while he did loose some balance, eye hand coordination and was a bit slow soaking in things. now he seems fine which is so unreal to me after seeing him the beginning of the week.
I will keep you posted as much as I can.


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh Tracy!!! I am doing a HAPPY DANCE for Trevor!!! Bless his heart - you show 'em you're ready to go home sweetie!!! SUPER BOWL XXXXII in the comfort of your own home - WOO HOO!!! You GO Trevor!

Tracy, you take care of yourself too. Between the store, your online store/forum and your PRECIOUS babes, I know you must be exhausted as well as dear Savana.

I am SO glad that I stopped back by to check on something from my visit earlier today and saw that you had posted an update - WOO HOO!!! My HEART is full. I've spent the past six hours downloading TREVOR'S TREASURE and will have to wait to post everything on my blog until tomorrow as my eyes just won't keep up with my brain!!!

Downloading this MOST exquisite collaboration of GOODIES on behalf of Trevor and Savana has given me an afternoon and evening to reflect and to be EVER thankful for all that I have in my life. I don't take even a moment for granted, but there were some things that came to mind such as how I can get frustrated when struggling to download something and it doesn't happen correctly the FIRST time. Then I sat here and thought about your words and how Trevor is "fighting" for his life and it made me OVERJOYED to sit here and patiently await each and every download knowing that this is a way that I can help, be it ever so small.

Tracy, I just happened to notice that TREVOR'S TREASURE was added to your store on the 6th of December. I always seem to be a "day late, a dollar short and the last to know", but December and the first two weeks of January have been somewhat of a blur to me!

Although I am sure this SPECIAL kit has been promoted WELL for the past six weeks, I'd still like to post it on my blog, just in case there are others like me that have been pre-occupied and out of the loop for a while.

My UPPERMOST thoughts and prayers shall continue to be with Trevor, Savana and the ENTIRE family.


emily said...

Tracy, my apologies for not staying in touch as I should be. You and your family have been going through so much. I'm so glad you all have one another. There is just so much love that we can feel it with each post. Take care of yourself, too, and the same of Savana. Trevor needs you all healthy and strong, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You are all in my prayers. And tell Trevor to Happy Dance to his heart's content.

Amanda Ann said...

Hello. My name is Amanda. I just heard about Trevor from Linda Walton's blog. I wanted to say that I will keep him in my prayers!! I plan to head over to my blog right now and post about the kit and everything! God Bless!!!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi Tracy! Me again!

Just wanted to let you know that I've got everything posted on my blog as of late this afternoon - even had a dear digi-sister asking the way to your site to purchase! I apologize for the delay as I had a PS issue the wee hours of this morning!

Anyhoo, I mentioned to everyone about Trevor doing a HAPPY DANCE because HIS team won the game and SILLY ME, I didn't even notice that HIS team name was not listed!!!

So, if you wouldn't mind darlin', the next time you stop in, can you share with us which team Trevor wishes to win the SUPER BOWL? Thank you!!! You just HAVE to know that I'll be ROOTING for Trevor's team to win!!!

I hope that you are getting LOTS of GOOD ZZZZZZ's when you are able.

LOTS of LOVE and GOOD thoughts coming your way for the ENTIRE family!


Tammy said...

I will keep Trevor in my prayers. Always so scary when things like this happen. Take care.

Cindy said...

Hello, Sunday January 20th 2008 I was looking at the 3S Gallery and I came across a wonderful LO called Puppy Love. So I googled some of the items and I ended up at TTS’s website. There I found the beautiful Trevor’s Treasures kit. I got it right away! I came back later that night and purchased most of the charity kits and several others from the store. I had not heard about Trevor before and then on Wednesday night I saw an entry posted by Linda Walton on her Blog. I was so excited, that I had just got this kit and had just finished unzipping the file and there is a story about the kit I had just purchased! I was so excited to see this, I then decided to find out more of the story. Well, I just heard a story on the radio this morning of a little boy that's was in a car accident last May and he is in Children's hospital in St Louis, MO. Well the morning host was telling everyone how his wife has been reading the mother's blog for 3 months and they feel like they are a part of what is going on in the boys life. The little boy had a limb from a tree go thru the car window and thru his eye into his brain and was given a 1% chance of survival and he is still with us today. The St Louis Blue's Hockey team donated 500 tickets to the cause to raise money for the family. SO I am now thinking WOW, I find Trevor's Treasures on Sunday and now I hear this. Tears have been popping up in my eyes all day, thinking of the two things. So I called the radio station and talked to one of the morning show people and told them how I had found Trevor's Treasure's and ask if she would look into this and say something about it on air. I know that if all of the ST LOUIS area knew about this, they would be able to be such a help! She said she would google it and would also see about putting a link on their website! I will be listening to see what they say! Well I am at lunch now and I just read Tracey's story and WOW, the tears are streaming now! I read Linda’s comments on your blog, Linda is such a SWEETIE and Yes She is an ANGEL along with so many others that have became involved with this wonderful thing! I can't wait to use this kit, got it unzipped last night and hope to use it real soon! Thanks for putting the info on your blog, I have learned so much about this kit and the story behind it! You and your family will be in my prayers! God Bless You Cindy

Cindy said...
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Di Hickman said...

it was a sheer joy to work on this kit, and for all it stood for. I am glad it is doing so much to unite the digital community. Love ya T! smooches!