Monday, April 07, 2008

Tagged... and needed it!!

Nancy Tagged me... thanks chicka.. I have lots to update so....

The Six Words memoir.
Here are the rules:
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My Six Word Memoir:

Capture the Moment, Treasure the Memory

I have always loved this ever since Wendi found it for the TTS site homepage. What a perfect way to live your life. Do we capture moments.. and do we leave memories to treasure.. something to definately think about and live by. IMO

Here are a couple of Moments Captured the last little bit:

It seems that time just wont stop running from me lately. I have been trying to keep up with the site and all the changes and scrapping a little bit inbetween but defnately not as much as I would like to. I am trying to simplify life so that there is more time to focus on the stores now and hopefully that will make a difference on my family time and friend time.
Dont forget that the paper store is now 35% off all the time!!! It is awesome and full of great products.

Here are my tags:
1. Wendi
2. Linda Walton
3. Robin
4. Joanne
5. Peta
6. Di

Don't be mad gals it was Nancy's fault!!!!!

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NancyJones said...

no way dont hate the tagger hate the tag bwahahahahahahahahah

LOVE your 6 words