Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Checking in and updating!!!!!

So first and most important.. yes, Trevor is out of the hospital and doing fantastic again.. He is loving the second chance on life and soo sooooooo anxious to be able to get back to work.. In the meantime Savana and him are enjoying the new life they have been allowed to have and doing some great bonding again with the kids and family.. it is awesome and amazing to us all each time we see him.. He looks so so wonderful.

I just got back last week from a Scrapbook Retreat that was started here by Memory Works. We had so much fun.. Met some awesome gals (HI HI HI gals!!!) and did some really fun projects. It was a total blast and a great warm up to CKU in August!!!

I will post some pics of everyone and everything on the website hopefully in the next few days.

We got home about 2:00 AM on Sunday and then Sunday afternoon I skydived for my very first time!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG ... it was sooooooo unreal... I loved it.. I got a video of it and will try to put it on the blog here if I can figure it out and pictures of me ... I told my dh I look so OLD!!!!!! shows all my dang wrinkles!!!
Kacee and Bug both jumped as well and they had a blast too.. we all want to do it again... talk about a thrill... Got to do it gals got to!!!!

Check out the awesome contest going on at TTS and the prizes are amazing!!!! Also make sure you check out the new products in the paper store and the digi store.. always something new and fun to entice ya!!!
luv your gutz.


emily said...

Skydiving? WOW! WTG. Me? Nah, don't think that's my cup of tea. But think it's great that you did it. Can't wait to see the video.

Lera said...

How cool that you went skydiving. I really want to try that someday!

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Geez what are you wining about wrinkles ??? LOL Woman, you jumped out of a plane , who cares about the wrinkles ! Looking forward to see some pics or even the video ;-)

twinsand2boys said...

Skydiving sounds fun. Glad that Trevor is doing well.

AZAnjanette said...

girlfriend....be proud of those wrinkles....hahaha I am happy to see your parachute opened. It was so awesome meeting you and the other ladies at the Memory Works retreat. Geesh I'm still unloading all my goodies from my suitcase (I'm a slow unpacker). Have I made anything? UM NO! i better get busy. read ya later!

Anjanette :)