Monday, March 27, 2006


Another busy day.. trying to get things caught up.. sometimes life is too busy!!!
The dog seems to be doing pretty good today.. we only had one accident!!! whhoooooohooooo... hoping to keep up the good routine.
I have been printing off pictures the last hour to get some of my kits put together and reliving the wedding as that is what I am printing.. what a great day it was.. the pictures are so much fun to look at and I will enjoy doing this book. I have done mostly digi ones of her bridals but, look forward to some paper scrapping of them as well.
The ones of Jeff and Savana are priceless and bring tears to my eyes. She looks so grown up!!
I was a bit disappointed that there werent any pictures of her and I together and not sure how that happened as both of us thought that some were taken. I know that there were some of her and Adele taken as well and there isn't any of them alone together either. She was a bit disappointed with that as well. There are some really good ones of her with both Adele and Dad though and they will be nice.
Nick comes home in two weeks.. I can't believe he has been gone for 2 years already.. so much has changed and how great it will be to see him again. I know that he has done a fantastic job with his mission and that lives were changed because of him including his own. What a blessing he is to our family!!!

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