Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Fear faced again...

As some of you might know, I am terrified of the dentist.. This is not just a little fear, it is a complete and total paranoia that I have..
My teeth have become so bad that I had to come to a decision of what to do with them.. I have gone as far as pulled my own teeth out to keep from going to the dentist and it is getting to the point that smiling is not something I like to do in front of people anymore.. this is saddening in itself.
So.. about a month ago, I got a horrific tooth ache and I was just going to pull the tooth myself.. Jeff told me that if I would deal with the dentist, not pull the tooth out he would set it up for me to get the teeth I have wanted for so long, get them all fixed and white and straight. I decided that I needed to face my fear and get it done..
I have endured yet another root canal which now is the last of two teeth that have not had it done, or been pulled. The experience sends me into a mental state that I really cant describe, I start to have nightmares, anxiety and extreme fear. But, it is time for me to face this and get it over with... Today I finished another step of the rootcanal tooth. They put the temporary crown on and tomorrow I was supposed to start the bleaching process. But, the front tooth is now in trouble and we might have to put the bleaching on hold and try to figure out our options of the front tooth before getting it done.
I guess to some this might seem like a really stupid post, but, to me.. it is a successful story and challenge that I have had to face for a long long period of my life and now, I am getting the courage to face it.
so.... to me... another success for today!!


Di Hickman said...

you know I never minded the dentist till I came to live in america! They are brutal here! I am now deathly afraid of them and just the though of going is giving me chills!

oh and T.. I tagged ya!

Diana said...

Oh T, I can so relate.....I have the very same fear; I finally started going to someone who really make sme calm and ENSURES that I won't feel the drilling (the fear came after feeling drilling once that was excruciating) I'm good and numb and it's not so bad - although I have them talk me through. I have a lot of teeth issues too and hope to fix a lot of them this year. If it helps, I've never noticed anything but a pretty smile!

Julie said...

I don't think your post..or your fear of the dentist is stupid at all! I am terrified of them myself!! Like Diana I had a couple experiences with a dentist who worked on my molars with no numbing. I didn't like the dentist before that, but afterwards I go into a serious panic. I get the sweating, shaking, bad nervous stomach to the point I almost get sick. Once I am in the chair I can't tell you how many times I have had them tell me to relax, even after I am numb because I clench my hands so tight my knuckles get white and I don't even realize I am doing it! *L*
Good for you for taking the steps to get things done!! I gotta admit though...root canals aren't nearly as bad as I had heard they were!