Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thanks everyone!!

Wow... look how loved I am!!!! 12 comments on MY BLOG!!!!! whohooooo thanks gals.. you made my day!!!
Today is a busy day, Trevor is starting some injections for his eyes that is actually a new cancer drug treatment that they have found sometimes helps the swelling in his eyes. I have been on the phone with Medicaid all morning trying to get them to help the kids get things going, it is amazing to me the loops you have to go through for help. Pray for them, it is getting to be so hard for all the things to get accomplished they need. We meet with the transplant team on April 25th and hopefully that will be the next step to get the kidneys and pancreas transplant on its way. He is needing it desperately and everything that can go wrong seems to be.

TTS news:
The game is absolutely out of this world right now.. what fun this month is turning out to be and I have just been overwhelmed at the talent and support the teams are giving each other. This week they are working with Misty Cato's wonderful template she did for us and they are just really having a great time with that. The bonus challenge for this week is scraplifting their partner.. all I can say is WOWOWOWOW... what talent there is... make sure that you go and check out the awesome gallery.

Ok, have a great day everyone, and remember as my good friend Dawn tells me take your 15 minutes for yourself today... do something just for you!!!


NancyJones said...

HEY T! Your blog looks beautimus. You better take some time to rest today girl you dont wanna get run down!! Will definitly be praying for your family big hugs

Sassette said...

Oh T, I will definitely be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers that all will go well!
I do hope that you took 15 minutes for you today, girl! You sooooooo deserve it!

Susan Blanton said...

I'm so loving this game, it is so much fun. Thanks so much T.