Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Changed Lives

We were challenged today at TTS to write about something that has changed our lives significantly.

Mine by far was adopting Kassi and Josh.. what a turning point in our lives.. A life long dream finally came true when adopting them and we definately started parenthood over again. We are now realizing even more just how much that decision changed our lives.. Bug our youngest biological will be a senior this next school year.. Kacee is graduating in 15 days and turning 18 on the 19th this month.. Savana is married and has her own little family to take care of and if it were not for adopting these two little kiddos we would be definately at a different time in our lives..

I don't regret the decision one bit but, I do seem to be reflecting from time to time about what would be different at this time in life if we were not blessed to have these two 8 year olds in our home.

so..... here is to another 10 years of raising kids and keeping me young!!!!

Here is my latest layout that I did over the weekend.. You can find the kit at SBE by Brenda Johnson called A New Life and the template can be found at DSS by Jennifer Konarkowski.


NancyJones said...

GREAT JOB WITH THE CHALLENGE T (love that layout!!)

Greta said...

{applauding} you for adoption...just think without a good stable home where would these 2 beautiful children be.....melts my heart....