Friday, May 25, 2007

What a week!!

Well... this week has been crazy crazy of course as usual...
Lots of Dr appt. Dentist appt. and last of the school year activities have kept me busy.
The online store at TTS has been a major priority for me as well and I have been using a task force to help me get it all organized and more user friendly.. My goal is to have it completed by next weekend. Wish us luck!!! Special thanks to all the gals helping out as well...

TTS has come through some major updates and we have some great new additions and helpful for everyone.. We are excited about all the new things and hope that you will all enjoy them.. It has been alot of work for Chris and he has definately proven how great his skills are as a web designer. Thanks so much for your work Chris!!!!

We are winding down the month of HS reunion at TTS and going to start some new things in June. I am excited to see the new things that we will have to share with you and hope that you will like the new things as well..
A special thanks to our Sponsors this month at TTS.. they have been wonderful and we are looking forward to a chat on the 30th of May with Doris!!!!! 8 pm EST.. make sure you visit the chat room and see who the lucky winner is, she will be announcing during the crop.

Last bit of news.. I was tagged by Di!!!! We are to share 6 summer month goals we have ... so since I didnt have any.. this is what I have come up with..

1. Survive!!!!!!! My kids are going through some major changes this next couple of months and Yes, I need to just be able to SURVIVE!!!! Kacee graduates from Seminary on the 30th and then the 31st she graduates from H.S. It has been quite the adventure with her lately and I am not sure if I am looking forward to her facing reality or definately going to need lots of prayers and well wishes for her.
Bug, is going to be home a total of 2 weeks this whole entire summer... He will be touring Europe all of July with the Ambassoders of Music, He has 2 different training camps for Student Body Officer, and he has just been asked to be the main role in The Martin Harris Pageant.. He will be playing Jimmy and it is a big big role (the main one for youth) and will be hours and hours of work as well.
Kassi will be slowing down a bit this summer and only has one class in dance. Josh will also be slowing donw as well.. so those two will be keeping me more busy because they will be bored!!!
Savana and Trevor, hopefully will be able to get the transplant during the summer.. They are on the list as of June and Trevor will be starting dialysis on June 6th. We are hoping and praying for a donor soon. Definately will be a trying summer keeping Trevor healthy and the rest of the family upbeat!!

2. Try to get a layout Published... this has been a goal that I have set before and though I was thrilled with my layout being put into the Basic Grey gallery, I really have a wish for a layout to be published in a magazine.. Problem.. I never try to submit!!! soo... I am going to face my fear and start submitting some of my work and see what happens... So.. whip those whips and get me going gals!!!

3. Keep up with my TTS duties.. it seems that sometimes I get so far behind I am unable to catch up with the site.. I am almost caught back up again and need to spend some serious time organizing and planning my schedule to keep up with the site better.. so this is a big time goal for me.

4. Be happy... more and more this year I have let myself get down.. little things and some big things have really got to me and I am having a harder time staying positive and happy with myself.. not letting others getting me down.. I am going to work on this more.

5. Keep my house clean... I have been diligently working on this goal for several months and I am determined no matter how hard it gets this summer to keep it a priority..

6. Enjoy my DH... as the kids are becoming older it has been harder for Jeff and I to spend time alone together and I am really seeing how much that it is needed.. I am going to work hard to spend more and more time rekindling us.. we deserve it!!!

whew... ok.. finally ot through this one...
now who am I tagging..... hmmmmm if you are reading this ... you are tagged!!!!


NancyJones said...

awesome!! I LOVE all the work and the updates at tts. MY hubby on the other hand not so happy hahahahahaa! I LOVE all the new store updates WAY TOO MUCH!
LOVE your 6 things and STAY POSITIVE cuz you know negativity is a sin! I JUST learned that! so you help me stay positive I will help you! DEAL?

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

Deal chicka!!!!
thanks gal!

Kimberly said...

Love getting caught up with what is going on with ya.......BTW, have a great time away with your DH!

Greta said...

i love all the updates so far....can't wait to see the rest....

Di Hickman said...

awesome goals! love your stay happy one! and you KNOW I'll crack that whip at ya for submitting!