Sunday, September 04, 2011


After getting home from church today I looked at my email and had the following message from Sister Hartman.. I hope someday I can meet this couple in person..what amazing people they are.

Dear Tracy - I am so glad you enjoyed the video postcard. Your son was even better than you described. He is absolutely delightful. His personality and his smile are so contagious. We were able to spend a couple of days with them and it was wonderful. You can be very proud of your son and the work he is doing. He is so positive and happy, we really enjoyed him. He and Elder Slater picked us up several times, we had dinner with them one night and they even accompanied us to the airport. My husband was able to spend more time with him and said "Elder Madsen has an amazing heart and a bright future ahead of him."

I did do the kissing hand - he blushed and laughed but I could tell he was very touched - and knew just what it meant. He loves you and couldn't say enough about you and his family.

We had such an incredible trip - truly a memory that we will never forget. The people were so wonderful and kind. (Your son translated for us several times and did a great job with the language as well.) I am so happy we had the opportunity to meet him. I will be posting some pictures sometime this weekend on our blog - if you would like to see them.

Have a great day - know that your son is safe, happy and doing a great job serving his Heavenly Father.

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