Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Huge Surprise from Bug!

One of the most amazing couple missionaries, that I follow here on blog world are the Hartman's. They are the blog link called "Our Soul Safari" Elder Hartman wrote the book "The Color Code" and I am a huge fan. I read on their blog last week that they were going to be meeting up with the mission president in Madagascar and posted how excited I was that they would be meeting my son Bug. Sister Hartman wrote an email to me asking me if I would like them to share anything with Bug when they met him this week. I will post about that later after I hear all the mushy details. Long story short..when I came home from work today I was stunned and so excited to recieve this in my email from Sister Hartman.. It is my birthday this weekend and there is nothing that could have been a better present! Thank you for being such kind and considerate people and for absolutely making my whole day!

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Dawn the Mom said...

Tracy! This is awesome. He was so cute. I told Dylan that Bug and the miss pres was suppose to be coming up this weekend. And Dylan was like..ooooh man...good to know. I think that also raised Dylan's spirits some because there should be some mail delivered to him.