Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Secret Has Been Revealed about TTS!!!

I have toyed with many thoughts and things that I would like to see in the site.. I have looked into what would happen if..... lots of ways, of areas....
This obviously started as a great and exciting adventure to me... It was a dream that I have had for many many years and because of some dear friends it was made possible.

Life is all about change and sometimes if handled correctly then change can be good... Sometimes change can cause hardships and we all know about that. This site has gone through some major ups and downs and has come close to having to close its doors.

I had some heart to heart discussions with a couple of very very close friends and then with my husband.
Now you can tell friends somethings.. but husbands.. anyway mine.. I can really share all my gut with.. he can help me sort through things and help me with perspectives and ideas on how to reach goals etc. He is obviously my biggest support and a wonderful man that has bailed me out not only financially with my business but emotionally as well.

After talking with my hubby, I have realized a few things.. I know who my firends are and what they do for me.. they are an inspiration that other than my family is most important to me in my life. Most of those friendships have come from this site and this community. I am honored to call you all my family.. I don't want to loose this dream.. I want to fight until the very end to make it successful and am determined that is what I will do. We will succeed...

Some of the changes that are going to happen are big changes.. the site overhaul is a big overhaul.. the design work will be different.. we will have more advanced features and a very competive opportunity to work with. This has come to be more of a reality than ever this week as I have worked with the new webdesigner in planning and seeing the first mock up of the site..

I have decided that with the change it is like starting over.. a fresh chance for us to really make it what I dreamed it would be from the start. It is in our reach now and with that I have decided that the time to make the change should go all the way... A fresh new start...

So... with that I have decided that I want to also Start over with a new name to the site.. There are many many treasured memories with TTS the name, and they were shared and grew to a wonderful community. I have thought and thought and talked and talked about it for so long it is time to make it all changed, now is the best time to do that with the site upgrade to a dedicated server, new design and hopefully new dreams that will cooincide with the ones I had with TTS.

My dream is not to be a huge site that is impersonal.. but, one that is healthy, loving and most importantly finacially stable enough to not have to rely on my poor hubby to bail me out each month!!!
My biggest and everyone else's love of this community is us.. the people in it .. and those people are the ones we want to bring to the community.. and we can do it!!!
So... with all that... thank you all so much for all your support... and here is the name of our new site and new start...

One Single Seed . com

Welcome to my dream!!!!! and thanks for sharing it with me...

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