Sunday, January 30, 2011

A friend's blog..

Some good friends of ours that we loved hanging out with in Sanpete county.. All girls in there family and all fabulous with an amazing mom and dad. This is where I learned to scrapbook and learned so much from..both crafty and life experiences...

Hi Sheri, Dani and family!!

They have a blog that I started a follow on today and thought I would share it. If you like crafts, photography, recipe or just love watching a family that is amazing go check it out!!

House full of handmades

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Carrie said...

so glad you like our blog :) We have a lot of fun coming up with fun things to share, and I will honestly say it wouldn't even be there, had we not had a very talented Mom who passed on some of her talent to each of her girls :) Thanks for following us! email me and I'll send you an invite to my family blog... Miss you guys!
chrisandcarrie dot carlton at gmail dot com