Friday, January 07, 2011

Things that Make your heart...

Some things just make your heart ache.. today was one of those days... I saw a 22 year old hug his mom today and say I love you.. wow...what an impact those little actions can make.. I really miss that from all of my kids...

Another thing today was seeing an absolutely beautiful young lady tell me that she has never had anyone until today tell her sincerely how beautiful she is. Made me remember my childhood a little too much I must say.. But, so glad that when she said that I was the one that said those words to her and realized that I know that I have always told my own children how beautiful they each are especially deep in their souls.

We all do things throughout our lives that affect people every single moment of the day, sometimes I ache for those little moments that were created years ago when all my kids were home and protected from the world. The world can be so cruel.

Soo... what did I learn today.. I learned and reflected on the little things, some happy some saddened by life and the world. Hopefully this will be a better year of memories that make us happy and not so sad.

Tia Ko Be,

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Trish said...

You are so right. And I've learned that just a smile can brighten someone, even a stranger's, day.