Tuesday, August 02, 2011

fixed the laptop..

So I took my laptop into the computer expert..haha (not) and after he fiddled around with it for 3 days told me that everything was gone and they couldn't help. Next day I took a couple of hours and messed around with it and got all the files back, still not sure how..but they were weird..this morning was doing some researching and found someone else had the same issue so I did what they suggested and now have all the files back just like before and felt so smart for a few minutes....okay maybe only a minute..but hey..fixed so yeah there ya go.

Letters from Bug are getting shorter and shorter, he must be so much more busy with his new AP calling..He is doing amazing still and that is awesome to me.

Summer is flying by and soon the kids will be back to school and hopefully the next 6months will go super fast...

I started my facebook account back up yesterday and did some deleting of people not needed..I think I needed that little pick me up as I feel good about it so far. It is so weird to me how little things let me get all worked up but, I am trying to do better with life and the challenges that we face everyday. I am trying to learn that other people's reactions and actions don't need to affect me unless I let them. Try to be a better person and keep learning from the things that life gives me. I have a lot to learn, but, I am willing to learn and hopeful that I will be a good person and help someone through their day.
Tia Ko Be

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