Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Saturday off...

I worked on Monday this past week so got to have today off and it was awesome to be able to finally clean my house and catch up on some laundry. I am not sure why I never get them done on Mondays...haha too much to do during the week.
I found a new blog that I am totally in love with doing some fun hair techniques that I tried out today. I will upload some photos of them once I practice a few more times and feel they are worthy to share..haha my mannican is definately having a fun time today with different kinds of braids and updo's going on.
Kacee called tonight and found a 59 chevy pickup that she wants us to go look at so maybe we will ride over to see it tomorrow. She is getting ready to move into a new apartment...yeah for her, she is doing so good.
Bug wrote a little bit last night to remind us that he is headed out for their 10 day trip through Mada to visit the other missionaries and is very excited to see everyone and see the rest of the island.
Pups are doing pretty good, the runt is still struggling a bit but at least I am not having to get up every 2 hours to feed it now...whew..
Have a great weekend everyone!

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