Monday, August 22, 2011

School Shopping

I love school shopping....I love to be able to see the kids all dressed up in fun new outfits with a hope of new beginnings so to speak on their faces...I have always been a dork about it and loved watching the kids do a "fashion show" showing off all the new styles they had for the year. This year Kassi has definately spirited a new fashion and showing off her spunky personality. I loved it...I am going to do a scrapbook page today showing off all her new outfits but, here is a couple of my favorites..
Josh won't show off his new clothes but has surprised me this year with a definite new style sporting anything with the color purple!! He also "had to have" this fun new leather jacket! And, yes, we finally found shoes...size 14 is tough to find in a style a 14 year old likes...of course they sport the color purple as well!

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Lera said...

Wow, your little ones sure have grown up! Cassie is beautiful! And I can't believe Josh has such big feet! You need to post a picture of that boy!